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  1. sight got busted again? shitty deals! last i heard he had 6 counts of mischief and another one to face.......fuck
  2. canadian retard i am guessing you are from ontario............. do u know where that 'serk's from?????????
  3. mber lives nowhere near the midwest.... unless he moved recently
  4. that is a pretty nice tag......there is also a zer from midwest canada who hits a lot of fr8s.......in my city. check him out www.visualorgasm.com in the freights section..peace
  5. hey fr8lover...... could you please fill me in... downtown toronto insights rippin it up with a silver ink in a polish marker type thing.... on windows and shit.... i hear it eats into it... like etch right??? could you tell me what this stuff is?or where to get it? someone fill me in. thanks
  6. serk58

    Some shit..

    fuckin ill!! i have always wanted to hit transit..... i cant wait till winnipeg has a bus strike.
  7. that actually was pretty funny. you know jaber??
  8. lets see all the fools who diss shit for not being solid-fill or 100 percent clean diss that fr8.
  9. those are dope....yo rashie! do they have freights in australia??????
  10. word man owen dog i emailed you ten thousand!
  11. oh yeah word up, hit the wheaties!!!!!!!!!
  12. ese.....komes...... i caught on to what happened. think he meant it out of meanness??maybe he didnt see it or someshit?? weird cause he seems like such a nice guy to me...
  13. its all toronto stuff!! ut they are not the only city in canada!
  14. everyones gonna have their own opinion but obviously they're both super dope and could burn almost any one of you!!! also the difference in style between the two is obvious so whats the big deal!
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