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  1. what do you all think about sudz, i think he's cool, what with making forts and playing his NES all day....
  2. i did a sign yesterday, but thyme has to email me the flick...
  3. man shut the fuck up!!!!!! ur so annoying, htis is y the board is going to shit... someone ban this fuck..
  4. i saw this in another topic. hey, it's not the simpsons, but it's still damn cool http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4166/conkfc%20copy.jpg'>
  5. props to 'lil crip anthony'! hahhahahaha
  6. man i can't wait. darts is still the greatest song tho. ...a hitman.. a nun... luvers!
  7. boobookittyfuck! (note: if you have no idea what i just said, see the movie!!!)
  8. yo, last nite i saw the sneak preview of jay and silent bob strike back.... man it's better than all the clerks cartoons put together! holy shit, at one point they fly around america and beat the shit out of everyone who shit talks them on the internet, so watch your back..... what did you guys think? or was i the only kevin smith fan who actually took the time to go????
  9. sounds like that 'the nose'music video.. hehe that's funny
  10. my hand sucks... http://yourphotos.com/users/3794/bear.jpg'>
  11. that's the best cereal ever no no no.. you got it all wrong... it's trix all the way!!!!!!!
  12. my hand sucks... http://yourphotos.com/users/3794/bear.jpg'>
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