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Everything posted by AbortionRingtoss

  1. "Hi, I write Her or Mer, depending on how my first letter turns out" Gay stuff.
  2. Chicks that write have bunk snatch anyway.
  3. My friends met this cunt online. She says she won't fuck writers, but tells each and every one of us that she's trying to have us plunge the poopchute, and tells us not to tell the others. My friend went to screw some chick from the computer. She calls him a lot. But he has caller ID.
  4. You guys suck at liking death metal. If you are going to listen to death metal go all out. Deeds of Flesh, Severed Savior, Dehumanized, Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Disavowed... Shit. I love death metal. Music to kill people to.
  5. That slug is sick. I like when kids sneak their own shitty graf into posts.
  6. Holy shit Hesr. If you are going to be Zesr, at least choose a name other than his. It'd be less obvious. If that's possible. I'm surprised I'm the first to comment on that.
  7. That Scan is ill actually. Hindue as usual.
  8. I think I got a flicc of that UZEE. I'll post it soon.
  9. Ja just wanted to live off of Saber's fame. He is pretty wack. It's disrespectful to bring his shitty graf to the west coast.
  10. That Rear shit is still the best in that area. Something to look at. He should steal some handstyles though. Akter's not bad, but he should just write AK.
  11. Ha, dude these are the type of questions to look for. Fuck toys bragging about knowing aliases. This is why you don't. Someone here has to be an adept hacker. Take her fucking identity and run her credit cards up the fucking wall. Steal her kids identities and invest in the child porn biz and whatnot. Slay this whore good.
  12. I love to hate. Especially bitches. Bitches love a guy that will hate them right.
  13. Pleasing girls is gay. Why the fuck would you question why girls give head? When I get it they're usually at knifepoint.
  14. Dull edge. I used to be sXe sorta. I didn't claim it or hang out with the lame ass kids. It was gay. I started drinking this year and fell in love. What pisses me off is that you straight edge kids stole XXX from liquor and porn, yet you abstain. Gayness.
  15. Bubble letters are gay. Quit while you're behind.
  16. Paul is sick as usual. That Saer heaven is gangster. Is that some SOR shit to the left of those ugly throws? Post it.
  17. I can say JA's shit isn't quality. Almost everyone in NY does what he does. 2 letter 5 second throwups. Takes nothing whatsoever. It's not good. It's pretty gay. "Fresh style". Yeah it probably took forever to master. It's pretty fresh. It doesn't look at all like the lettering the cheerleaders in high school use to announce pep ralleys. Pretty fresh.
  18. Detok and Coz rip it. I like some of that Urine guy's shit, but I liked it better when I thought it said Vaine.
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