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  1. bobobi11 http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthrea...&threadid=14656 this bitch carla is shady. read some of the comments in this thread.. Portland buff crews throwing low blows...
  2. mpulse diar learn even that eruptoe is cool.
  3. the begining of the end. 12oz is starting to remind me of hifiart. tough guy talk in all.
  4. only 4 flicks. ahh bump anyway.
  5. whos that next to the JELO? man you lick at taking flicks. The BEGR looks fresh but that photo does no justice. all the other shit is ca-ca even that king is half ass. Play hookie one more time and go get better shots of them transporters.
  6. I'd say keep sticking his sister because he's probably still sticking your lady...
  7. The lines toughest videos are classics. West Coast shit.
  8. I wanna see that Tbk e2e connected. Chris Pier Biter fresh as fuck.
  9. whoa, that actually make me jump back. scary shit
  10. I got about 10 min into it and that's about all of that video I could stand to watch. Shit was boring. I should have taken my friends word for it and left it on the shelf. How about leaving the video making to Dooly High. I'm just glad im not the sucker that spent $20. Dirty Handz 2 that's a sick video.
  11. Bump for self professed train guys. nice post the damet and mayhem are fresh.
  12. Obviously you were offended to reply to my comment in such a defensive way. Your welcome to your opinions and to judge me by anything I say on this board. My opinion is my own. I’m just glad you read what I wrote, and I have no problem with you calling me a toy. I just used his name as it was pointed out earlier in this post. Glad I hit a nerve jerk.
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