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  1. jim a bunch of cars hit by... reset,isreal,note, and theory lead/lack elk/rei hot ass vizie navy/aztek revise pen fn felon hollows m hollow by mazer (haha) mpower ghost thingy hollow met(old school) arms geso/much?(if it wasn't him, the dude was a huge biter) tsa labrona other learn eruptoe more but it was fucking humid...
  2. cup 'o dropped everything about it, i didn't get any flicks either... some more shit i forgot... -jim -ohms some more i just remembered... ese/komes pestoe hollow
  3. spot, human, and the coupe are the goodies..... no need to beat your cat anymore:dazed:
  4. necs over ?somebody? ?/?/skape?/crae ?/worms clew(partially buffed)/safe/dazem/onset/werk/trase/able resone o/s here ?/irm/? phone(stamped) aztek x2, on one he was with some one but i forget who. trik/vohs? werk ?wes/? ?/worms lewis dayser/seazoe smilin miles phone solo c.i.t.h. flashburn i don't know what's going on/////brain dead with more mosquitoe bites than i can count.
  5. wow, you are fucking stupid.
  6. you're trying to dis penis and sigh? you need to take your head out of your ass.
  7. that beg is fucking ridiculously good, the resto and hesr shiz is "illa scrilla salmonella bojilla killa" i also enjoyed the reset and jib
  8. fuckin' americans with your dope cars, send some of those reefers up here damnit!
  9. please tell me this is a joke komes! if he did get locked up, i hope he hangs in there, keep ya head up dude.... ummm excuse me mr.komes, uhhh e-mail me errr uhhh like totally, RESPECT!
  10. learn heat old as hell, think it said "#6"
  11. nace silver stamp evil ng cmor hollow hunt by kwest ?/? both were in dtc i think? tags/streaks komes tic tac tars benone beans a lot more but i'm blanking out. other guys, help... other pieces.... learn/?/ich/? tars jaber face thingy
  12. some i like some i hate....but who cares?
  13. all i see is a chip piece.... "c'mon foo, fix dem uppa"
  14. when i was in NY last weekend this guy was up a lot... probably more then most of you whining about how he is wack.
  15. chisme has some good stuff, i've liked what i've got in packs before of his stuff.... coo
  16. after you move? say whattttttt, when is this happening? i just sent you another pack yesterday, i hope it doesn't show up when you're gone. this is fucking bullshit, i don't know why the flicks aren't showing up. stupid internet crap.
  17. a few more.... http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/f1.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/f2.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/f3.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/f4.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/f5.jpg'> try to keep your negative comments to yourself please, if you have problems with the flicks then don't say anything. i don't want this thread to turn into a "he bites this guy" thread.
  18. freights all flicks taken by me or recieved in packs. http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/fr8s.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/fr8s2.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/fr8s3.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/fr8s4.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/fr8s5.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/fr8s6.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/fr8s7.jpg'> http://hstrial-nname2.hssites.com/files/fr8s8.jpg'>
  19. apart, myth, prae, and hesr are dope... i really really like the prae.
  20. probably said EMA, it is a crew that awe is in.....i could be wrong. not much today: strks: tsa mazer phono t-bird donse theory tic tacx2 and a minus/?/mazer procor that is probably gonna get buffed.
  21. hmmmm, i wonder who's can of flat black komes had been using? hmmmmmmmm;)
  22. you had better save me flicks of the gouls/nekst,reset,kure, and diar! i got a little pack sitting on my shelf waiting to send you, probably wont get sent out for another month:o
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