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  1. thanks suburban bum and zaius....much appreciated purple/yellow = unconventional colour mix.... yo man maybe i should've just got the black and white or the white and black or maybe the earth tone shoes that are so in right now.... who the fuck cares! ROCK WHAT YOU WISH...blahhh
  2. y'all live in a box.....and i thought you were graff writers? damn you all suck. ->fartnoise<-
  3. why do people on here have to be such fucking snobs, i'm trying to do something positive and beneficial to people who use this site. grow the fuck up and help out please and thank you. SHOES.COM another shoes site but doesn't offer anything for (my kind of) cheap. oh and by the way, i got a pair of asics purple/yellow phat ass wrestling shoes for $20 american(ended up being $45 canadian with shipping) on EASTBAY.COM, so don't knock it till you rock it.................
  4. I have recenlt become obsessed with trying to get shoes super cheap off the net... haven't been too successful but hey i thought this thread might help those with similar interests out. SHOES AND ATHLETIC GEAR: EASTBAY.COM this is the only one i've found to date where you can pick up shoes for really cheap... i'll try and add more as i hope you do to.
  5. all i got to say is that you flipped out on me a few months ago, engaging in long ass pointless discussions for posting a bunch of my own shit and now i guess it's okay for you to do it....personally i don't give a shit about you or any other person on this faceless board so i would only like to say that keep in mind that you are contradicting yourself big time here.....but then again this is the internet and it means absolutely nothing to me in reality, so i wouldn't bother responding to this...just try to think before you act. oh and i'm glad you are such good friends with cense. whoops did i just say that?
  6. one of the top (relatively) new crews in canada right now...lovin this shit. baron
  7. your information is bit off, email this adress analspazm@yahoo.com i also don't see any action i've commited that constitutes me as having a big ego
  8. i am 100% positive i did not. please don't say shit like that, it's not cool.
  9. frate raper= size from canada i am actually glad i satarted this thread now that i look back at this... it gave me motivation to work on some even newer shit, thanks to all the haters... baron.
  11. and to the person who made the comment about what i should and shouldn't do in internet graf land, that just proves you are obsessed and live in internet graf land.....can you sleep at night not knowing if all your suggestions have been put to use? YIKES! classic suburban kids...
  12. i don't really care if people in internet graf world are hating, anyone who believes in half the retarded statements made probably don't leave their houses.
  13. please, i progressed the most once i stopped painting with you guys. don't try and credit yourself...and that has no context in our "thing"(your statement re:"you guys") *before anymore of this is read by all the gossipers out there in internet graffiti land check your e-mail.
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