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  1. j3di


    frost all cakes
  2. whut whut lurkin like a bastard
  3. j3di

    band names

    hahah wow...im sure victory is proud
  4. marc mccoy has great lyrics...either charles bronson, holy molor, or the oath...all have great funny lyrics
  5. i cant fucking stand that crusty shit...maybe its because all the crusties here come from rich parents and who just read crimethink and think theyre fucking revolutionaries...here its a trend and its retarded...i have no problem with people who actually need to dumpster for food and shit like that but these rich little fags need to stop.
  6. j3di


    gnn.com doesnt work...link us biyatch
  7. hahah thats great... i lost my virginity on school grounds and after that i made it my personal mission to bang my girl in every hall...didnt happen but i got a good amount of that school on lock...
  8. me and my friend hydrocodone are making a night of it
  9. okay so i dont sleep...ever. and ive been having trouble keeping my hyperactive mind occupied...what do you do to kill time? i draw alot and play video games but that shit leaves me with no sense of accomplishment...as does most of the shit i do anyways...yeah so just looking for ideas to kill boredom... pointless post #82
  10. i knew someone was going to say something...i actually wrote a whole explination out then i read it and realized it was boring and just too long for a stupid story....case in point...but yea my dad makes some illnasty chilli and so we made it for the superbowl or some shit...hence me transporting it to my aunties house... ok?
  11. i spilled about a gallon of chilli in my ma dux new car when i was like 17...shit smelled for weeks
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