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spam dawg

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  1. ... ill take that note of sarcasm as a yes... r.i.p.
  2. mistake? wait? is this the nace from chicago?
  3. same here I have the same prob w/ my proxy and aim. aim n proxies mix like creamcheese and orange juice on a bagel ps- my aim s/n is moo409 im me...OR DIE
  4. word theres nuthing funnyier than the truth and dont even get me started with nsync
  5. de-wrinkleizer I had an idea for sumthing to make your close less wrinkley... If you took a piece of metal and got it really hot then moved it over your clothes for a while it would take the wrinkles out, its called a de-wrinkleizer and its PATENT PENDING!
  6. spam dawg

    playstaiton 2

    xbox woop woop....xbox woop woop xbox is gunna be the ghengis kahn of gaming systems, seriously. and gamecube will be the larry king of gaming system (meaning it sucks and no one should give any attention to it).
  7. well its a good thing it didnt, you know now that I think about it.... If I could have every anser to the known universe ansered to me in a blinding flash of light OR look at this post...I would hesitate...then look at your post
  8. hmmm well that image is odd to say the least
  9. spam dawg


    cheap the only reason I use aol is cuz I got it for like $2/month on a minimal use acct so I figure im gunna waste those 2 bucks on sumthing stupider anyways
  10. spam dawg


    word amen to that dusty.
  11. woop woop thanx man, thats fucking sweet!
  12. mmmmmm...chalupa I got a left over chalupa...sum milk...cream cheese...bagels....bacon....Mmmmmmm sweet sweet bacon
  13. spam dawg


    :( yea, aol tends to be a little overbearing. steve case can kiss my ass!
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