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  1. considering its says BMX not bicycles its different! bicycles u cruise on and bmx's u ride street park dirt etc etc etc etc etc etc
  2. hey all just wanted to see who rides on here and what kinda ride they got i know we had a bmx thread before but its gone and its time to start a new one ill start it off with my bike i got: Frame: Macniel heaton forks: Macniel ruben Bars: Macniel Ruben grips: primo nate hanson cranks: Primo Powerbites black sproket: macniel Guard 36 T rims: alex supra a pro on haro hubs (rear hub flip flop runnin LHD) stem: haro (dunno what one its crap) pegs: fusion spiders right side only http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/125-2584_IMG.JPG'> this is my buddy who writes dylan doing a no footed can on his K2 frame which is dead now haha http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/125-2536_IMG.JPG'>
  3. well last time i posted sketches i got what i requested and well heres some new ones to comment on... let me know all comments good and bad hahaha peace http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/126-2618_IMG.JPG'> http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/126-2619_IMG.JPG'> oh ya sorry about the pic quality... its just bad lighting in my room hahaha n no scanner just a digi camera
  4. fuck big rims the biggest u should go is 17 but why bother buy a truck and ride BMX and ull live forever!
  5. id say ur best bet is dont bother with anything under 15 or over 26 cuz under 15 ur a pervert and over 26 most are attached or fucken starting to look like old ugly hoes so hit teh prime age group fuck em crazy and then go drink and hten when ur all fucked up go ride! but member nothing under 15 unless u too are under 15! ight peace!
  6. Siris


    first reason for the double pager is cuz i never finished it cuz i dint like it and there was a background planned for it hence it being double paged and it pissed me off so i dint finish it thats why most have plain double pagers but unlike most i did use most space and it actually spanned the 2 pages! so ya and rak burns u all u should quit considering the fact that these are sketches and not shit i paint i usually paint simples and these are ideas hence why i was asking what people think so fuck u Rak
  7. Siris

    too drunk

    hahaha nice man nice last friday i went out and was thinking im gonna do a sober nite of bombing i meet up with my friends i end up chugging a bottle of wine haveing some shots and getting high as fuck and then we decided to climb a roof thats like 30 feet or so up and were drunk as fuck and u know we were doing the regular smash shit routine then i got on the roof and it was like damn time to do a fat throw up here and i did it each letter was bout 6 feet tall and i went and looked at it the next day and it was sick...... i actually did a good job when i was fucked up but then again i usually bomb half drunk and then get high after so u know it must be all teh practice ne ways if ur gonna bomb drunk write drunk as fuck or fucken drunk beside it if its bad then people will understand or u could go back and show yourself up right beside the drunk one i done that too peace
  8. Siris


    that shits almost as bad as the red X since there aint no flick hahaha
  9. just had to get my 2 cents in before it was closed!!!! hahahahahaha CANADIAN WRITERS RULE!! ya TT boy
  10. sudz man when i first got here i was thinking ur stuff was better than mine cuz i sucked ass then i was absent from here for a good year and am rarly even here now and well i feel my stuff looks better than urs now and i still consider my shit wack ass crap and i expected a lil more than u have given so go back to basics and work.... i mean i dont wanna be a dick or anything like that and i know i may sound like one but listen to what people say and have been telling u and everytime i see ur shit now its always go back to simples and hands so back to the basics and i mean people say it to me too and u gotta think somtimes its the best thing to do peace hit me up if u wanna bitch at me about my shit eternalflow@shaw.ca and then ill send u some old shit and new shit and u can see my progressions cuz i aint all talk its just fotango is pissing me off so i cant post flix right now and trust me my old shit was wack as fuck so dont think im just raggin for fun but with all that said ur absrtact idea is good yet u need to make it less crowded in the main part and a lil simpler and u could have a good abstract hit me up man peace
  11. Siris

    Goodbye 12oz.

    hahaha TT have fun and dont forget flix and lots of em and keep the west coast pleased hahahahaha most important make sure u got clothes and your camera! hahaha
  12. Siris


    thanks man # 1 3 and 7(its now 1 3 and 4 cuz i rearraged them so they would show) are all new within 3 days of this post the rest is old i havent painted any of those yet i have painted more simples and shit cuz im confident with my simples but u know i wanted to see what was thought of these ones easthree
  13. Siris


    sorry bout the quality of them i was too lazy to change settings on my digital camera for better quality but just looking for sum critisim thats not from people that dont write cuz i write solo and dont even know any other writers thanks http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/sketches/122-2245_IMG.JPG'> http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/sketches/122-2246_IMG.JPG'> http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/sketches/122-2249_IMG.JPG'> http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/sketches/122-2250_IMG.JPG'> http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/sketches/122-2251_IMG.JPG'> http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/sketches/122-2252_IMG.JPG'> http://members.shaw.ca/eternalflow/sketches/122-2253_IMG.JPG'>
  14. shit son u aint no rookie hahahah those are some ill sketches wait till i post my bullshit i suck compared to u and most other people but people round here like my shit and its what i like so ya keep on killing dork!
  15. shits fucken tight man keep it up
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