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  1. dont fuckin tell him that regulator! that not even what it does.. trust me that is not an easy way to die
  2. shit.... i dont know what to say to that..... id say you should get the fuck away from that woman, but i know what its like to just not be able to stop liking someone no matter what a bitch they are
  3. haha thats fuckin great
  4. haha this kid who thinks hes a hacker sent me that a long time ago. never seen that cats one though
  5. Ammo

    4dc dac kyt

    2dc is up there? i thought they were just from around here. nosh is down with them
  6. not really feeling any of em
  7. yeah dude i know kinda how you feel. nothing to look forward too, just to go to sleep. but then il just have to get up and go to the same classes, tag the same spots, like the same girls, take the same retarded tests. i cant cry. crying feels so good, but i just cant. a couple weeks ago i beat my self untill i bled. i was seiously pacing back and forth arguing with my self over all this dumb shit i do to myself. everything bad i feel, its all my fault. this love that hurts so much is all my fault just for thinking i had a chance in the first place and letting my self get out of control. i mean really what is the point of life? no one is going anywhere when they die. yeah its a nice thought, going to heven, but its all a load of shit that children are blinding dragged into at young ages. thats how it keeps going. i wish there was something i could do for you, do for all of us, do for any of us, buts its all hopeless. fuck
  8. im not a huge fan of foreign shit but that mack is sick
  9. my 6th grade math teacher got an arrow stuck in her head once... she always used to crawl under her desk and bark at us.... ahh those were the days
  10. one time when my parents were away over night, i woke up in their bed, scared shitless of this big ass crab i thought iw as runnin around under the bed. woah. i dont have a phone in my room. but there was one time that i was on the phone with my momn while i was smoking mom: hi william its me mom! oh when are you coming home? me: uh mom hold on *bong noise* mom:hello are you okay? me: *breathes out* yeah mom....
  11. damn sucks to be you for saying that. sorry. rollerbalding sucks! "wow boots with wheels! how KEWL"
  12. i remeber you cyne. that post you showed your dick.... you need to calm down dude. no ones talkingshit.
  13. are those backwards or am i just high? oh, well i know im high, but stilll,,,
  14. Ammo

    girl problem

    if you pass it up, your just gunna feel retarded for not doing it. and your gunna get hurt in any relationship no matter what. fuck girls. girls are fuckin evil. but take this one and run
  15. im pretty sure im talkin about grave. theres a tag going into the mount baker tunnels coming from belleuve on 1-90, and its "grave". im not sure if its the same dude as the other shit ive been seeing though. ahhh what am i talking about.
  16. uhhhh.... aahhhhhhblaaasssshhhhhhhh sploooch...... oooouch i cant stop blinking..... i wish i was you
  17. speaking of seattle, whats up with this "grave" kid? from..... hpk or something? aww fuck i think he might be from bellevue. but whatever. oh yeah, if your in seattle, so get some dicks!!!! (the resturaunt)
  18. weezer (anything of their album before their new one)- i used to chill at this girls house last summer who i liked and she had that cd and we would always listen to it. we would get hella drunk and just listen to this cd... those were the days radio head (everything off Kid A)- reminds me of my trip to new york. one the plane, my head against the window, just trippen over this one girl, fallen asleep, just not caring about anything. it was great the last track on that new incubus album- doenst remind me of anything, i just sooo know how that dude feels. "feel me heart begin to overflow"... shit stabing westward anything from "darkest days"- listen to it with my best freind, sketching. kinda sad cuz it was before we got caught. everything from radioheads "amnesic"- reminds me of this girl im still trippen over, tryign to get out of my life... ahh fuck. moms it makin me got to bed.... ill write more later. bye
  19. yeah man so dead you had to use it to say how dead it was.
  20. personly, i dont like the W and E.and the curls on top of shit hella dont go with the rest of the sketch. lose the curls and it would be cool
  21. Ammo

    Roof Tops.....

    woah i looked at that and was like what the fuck its just a clean building but then i looked closer and... woah
  22. -i watch lifetime sometiems... you know, the womens channel? -i masturbated while thinking of my best freinds girl, who had just told me she had gotten raped. -i like linkin park -my uncles a retard -ill fuck anything that walks -i throughly enjoy makin fun of white kids who think they are black (allthough im white to..) -i eat way too many potstickers -ive looked at porn with pregnent chicks in it and i cant think of anything esle... ill post later
  23. Ammo

    Glass Eaters...

    eat the rich! well, eat their glass at least ok i dont know how to say this if you guys arent getting it. i guess it might be different if i lived in nyc or some big city. but i live in bellevue. and people get really mad really easy. even in big citys, enough shit will piss people off. when peeps get mad, they find ways to stop us. when they realize that they are losing millions of dollars due to this, in a shorter time than with markers or paint, they will work like fuck to stop us. GRAFFITI CAN NEVER BE STOPPED, BUT IT CAN BE BEATEN INTO A PULP SO THAT IT BARELY EXISTS. you might as well smash in windows with beer bottels all over the city. it would make them just as mad. ahhh fuck i dont havve the patiecne to expalin this shit. fuck you. if the shop is fuckin huge, fuck em. fuck yuppies. fuck their windows. but dont fuck with the little poor people. leave the poor alone.
  24. oh. look at that. no one voted for me. how sad. :mad: :rolleyes: oh well. im gunna vote for all of you for everything. EVERYONE WINS
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