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  1. when is beautiful decay 2 going to come out? I thought that the first issue was good.
  2. TheGame

    JIVE - CT

    NewYorkShitty. You the man. Damn that Cromag piece was reallllll dope. That was the one he had done for Eroc in the bx. Sad that he(Cromag) died shortly after he did that piece..anyway just happy to see a cromag piece cause its been too long since i seen one!
  3. Props to the Haze from the west coast. HE gets down for his..I was kinda hoping though that this thread was going to have flix of old school ny Haze RTW..He did some dope shit and had real nice throw ups, handstyle, and pieces. I dont want to take away spotlight from Haze awr though..Props to both..Both good at what they do!
  5. First off i never said that "Stak cant piece".If you took the time to read what i wrote u would see that in fact i wrote "HE IS GOOD, but it doesnt really capture my attention. Im not at all saying that Stak is a toy because he is not.2nd where did I write that STAK or SENTO is a "son" of the other??? You must have my post mixed up with something another person wrote. There are some people in TFP that shine very bright in my eyes.Writers like PURE(he use to do them dope ass SAVE and LIL MAN pieces on the 2s and 5s), SENTO(even his old panel pieces when he started in 84. Those shits were beyond dope)NOAH,older NEON pieces(who was the first guy ever to paint subway trains here from europe back in 88)CASE 2..When i see pieces from these guys i always get this "wow" feeling. Like alot of them can come to the wall and you will never know what to expect. Dont know what kind of style they will do, color schemes etc..When i see Staks pieces they look good but it doesnt do anything for me.Its my same view on that whole new 3d style people rock now. The guys doing them arent toys at all.Writers like DAIM,HESH,LOOMIT. You can tell they are very talented. THey arent toys, and are good at what they do, but i just dont feel it. For every 5 STAK pieces i see i may only like 1, as oppose to the other guys down with TFP I may like 4 out of there 5. Like I said..This all comes down to opinon and thats that.
  6. THATS COOL!!! Its all good that you guys want to get on the net and talk all kind'c of crazy shit! Hey, do me a favor and give me a heads up so I can be there when you TELL HIM TO HIS FACE!!!!! This is the shit i find comical. This is a graff discussion board but when someone says that they dont like someones work(which is a personal opinion) its not a diss on the person themself. I dont know Stak. All i know of him are his pieces. Im sure that he himself sees peoples pieces that he likes and dislikes. This forum is to comment and show peoples work. Bottom line is if you get mad that some people dont like you or your boys work, dont post it because EVERYONE that posts stuff on here is liable to get both positive and negative feedback.
  7. TheGame

    JIVE - CT

    bump for the man that gets down!
  8. ITs not good to be that obssessed with graff. Now that i am older im now, but when i was younger it was all that i thought about. In one sense graff fucked my whole life up. I messed up in school cause while the teacher was teaching i was doing outlines. I wouldnt even go to school alot cause if it came down to that boring math quiz, or cutting and racking 40 cans for the day there was no decision in my eyes. I dropped out of college because i wasnt disciplined enough to realize that if i went painting 3 nights a week till 4 am i wouldnt be able to get up in the morning go. I lost jobs for the same thing,girlfriends, etc..I think when you get past the age of 25 and you really have a shit load of responsibilities it makes you realize that you have to get your life in order and put energy twords other places.I am proud to say that i now have more of a life, and dont think about graff nearly as much as i did years ago.
  9. what ever happened to guys like Rize,Wombat,ALert,Sly..Umm..The other IMOK kids that were painting there..Target,etc..they still around?
  10. i agree..if i want to see stak pieces ill look at a sien5 piece or sento
  11. Big Wane..Reping COD..Also the MAKE TMC is just toooooooo hot!
  12. Yes Cap is still around.Yes Cap is still painting(and not just in the snow). MPC 2002
  13. Dont feel any of Staks pieces at all, but Camp and Sento are always on point. I do think Stak has good handstyle and throwups but thats it.
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