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  1. First of all I gotta state Ayer was a great graffiti artist. He took graffiti to a new level. As cheesey as this is a new altitude. He was hitting so many things so high in the air. Really crazy LA shit. He really gave the town a reputation unmatched by any other city at the time for doing balls out bombing. The other LA kids either were inspired by him to bomb harder or inspired against him to bomb harder than him. That is why he is one of my favorite graffiti artists ever. He truley was a king. And his death remains a mystery, and I respect it remaining a mystery, but seriously, we live in America. Every one wants to know everything, personal or not. And we usuallly get that information eventually. I know (as sick as this is) that Wynoona Ridere stole clothes and is a vegietarian. Kobe Bryant likes cheesestake and hamburgers :crazy: and ive read some shit about ayers death and ive read suicide was the cause. its all hersey till someone knows the truth. a fucking legend. like ayer. and as much as you see it a problem to dive in to his personal life to find out how her died, we dive in to our idols and their personal lives to see how they lived and died. weve all done book reports and know martin luther kihng jr was shot by a bigot. Fuck, we've SEEN jfk die, why the fuck not know how ayer died? is the graffiti community somehow more moral than the world outside of it? i really dont think so and weather we have a right to know is undetermined. this is america andff i have the right to ask because i want to know. and fuck you if thats your reply. i also would like to know what happened to the release of the fx video "city of angles" they were shooting with ayer in it. anyways.. besides dealing with the usual internet bullshit... i would like to say that ayer WAS one of the best graffiti artists ever and inspired me and others with his innovative style and creative spots. He is a legend and legends never really die.
  2. "where did you catch the GSouth freight?" homeboy you better read the top of the post.
  3. sick post can u make the pictures bigger though i cant really see that good.
  4. id say clear end, but the mutha fucker can't fucking spell its LOOSE BOOTY! so my votes for the other guy.
  5. lets see some more this is a really dope thread. i remember catching some really REALLY old shit from la in the yard a bit a go. it wasnt so good and i cant remember who it was but it was damn old. and ive caught a few of the old local writers stuff come through that was never buffed. thats always a trip. seriously there is some really hot shit on this post. you gotta dig that wild style from the early 90's. No one rocks that any more!
  6. also, who gives a fuck about offending people? its the fucking internet, theyre not gonna find you and fight you, who cares? people need to be offended anyways. it shows that they really believe in something.
  7. jesus u all are such fucks about posting shit in the right sections. the poor guy is just tryin to let people know his screen name has been hacked and your like WRONG SECTION. who cares if its the wrong section? you clicked a fucking link jesus. i hate seeing this shit nothing against you personally but just consider this.
  8. hey anyone of yall catch that saber piece in the mili vanilli vh1 behind the music? shits hot.
  9. sorry fellas go check out the thread va rebels and you will see what im talkin about its on page 2 r three of the bench. i meant to reply to that, see im not ignorant, just hate black people...... joking idiots.
  10. i think ifuonlyuknew is going to die now. everyone must be punished for their sins, its in the bible.
  11. that little nigga johnny rebel here introducin ya to the funk, loud and clear bitch you better give me one more beer i dont care if i rhyme or not cause im gaurenteed to rock this shit and make it hot hotter than the bread your burnin in the toaster you fanny, well, lets just say im gonna roast her im a loose goose so dont get me started ill fuck your chest until you end up broken hearted like that nigga the duke of york im from down south so lemme freshen up my style before i put it in your mouth ill fuckin ill fuckin ill fuckin sew your asshole shut and keep feedin you and feedin you this rhyme is wachk and retarded too. im not gonna stop though cuz i just began give me the gun and fly my ass to iran oh woops the wars in afghanistan.. give me the mic and ill blow it up faster than the fuckin taliban. take minks off take things off take chains off take rings off braclets and shit everything off ...hold on i didnt write that last part thosse rhymes weren't very calculated from the start im gonna just stop now cuz this isnt goin anywhere....
  12. god that was a dope post!!! what colors are in that causer piece? fuckin nice blues..... i wanna get em.
  13. d town i know its a matter of opinion but how hte hell can you not feel that letter style?
  14. duke call me dude. were throwin down tonight i gaurantee it.
  15. world war three were all gonna die
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