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  1. i heard george W was holdin it down
  2. YUshook

    A Chase Story

    you shood have brought the roscoe and took care of 1 tyme
  3. Once i was on vacation in key west and me and my boy had been dying to paint soo went rode scooters to the store and got a few cans of ultra flat black and 2 40's of malt liquor to do some throw ups...well we went to some sick white ass wall behind some big ass tree where all these bums lived mad drunk and were puttin up huge out line and i heard some voice say" hey you guys are tresspassing" then a skinny ass hotel security guard came around the tree and saw us painting said "and thats a felony" so i looked him in the eyes and said "you wanna fuckin die tonite" and he said no and then me and my just booked fast as hell !! sucker
  4. yo you ever be eating at gurls box then lick her ass or try to stick a finger in her butt and have her bug out on you or even worse fart in your mouth????
  5. Thanks doods and yo i bought a penis pump it was called the sterling stroker and my shit was huge when i pumped but after it would just go back to normal oh well
  6. Hey about 2 weeks ago i bought some ELEMENT shorts from a local skate shop. i took those brand new puppys home and washed them, just incase someone went commando in them, when i went to wear them one fucking belt loop eyelet was ripped in half and all the stitching around the zipper came off. i called the store and those fucks told me i need a reiceit. like any idiot i already threw it out the car window on the ride home from the motherfucker. so now im stuck here with some fucked up shorts no reiciet and a little penis.....so what i want to do is mail those ballsucking buttpirates at ELEMENT and tell them what happened and try to score some new shorts or at least my cash back to buy some shit that works!! If anyone knows ELEMENTs e-mail address or regular mail address please post that shit!! i've already been to their web site WWW.Elementskateboards.net but they have no mail address there. Thanks amigo's and my prays for all those who were affected by this sick sick tragedy..nuff respect nypd(for once) and nyfd!!peace
  7. ok supposedly in philly you can rent a midget for $150 per hour and they come in a dog training suit. and you can beat on them and do wrestling moves to them and shit like that. i lived with four guys and 2 new years ago we were gonna get 1 for a big party but my herion addict roomate spent the money on dope so no midget!
  8. dooo my dentist let me smoke staight nicotene in a crack stem while he was pulling them.. maybe its a good tyme for you to quit..jerk
  9. yo i got a 88 crx si(intake header exaust) its really fast yesterday i blew my tranny but then i bought one for 100 buckslast night so i'll be putting that shit in tommorow..but i was wonder SMART do you ever whip your johnson to mustangs or their engines??
  10. Time has come that someone has to take a rise make a stand for our freedom.. i say we assemble.. strenght in numbers today is july 5 ..one year from now july 4 we should strike a massive blow something ridiculous noone will be ready take steps to take back our freedom all who want in e-mail me Drdvs101@aol.com let the choas begin
  11. if a tree falls and your there and it makes noise..then obviously the same tree would make noise even if you werent there. for example if you don't go to school is there still school or does everyone not go?
  12. yo man im real sorry to hear about that dood what is melanoma what does it do to a person and how does someone get it....my condolences again...dvsONE
  13. YUshook


    yo angelina jolie in that new tomb raider movie is hot and on fire those lips uhhhhh forget anout it!!
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