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  1. PurpleJargon


    selling my bike. 2001 Bianchi SL Lite (reparto coarse), 10 speed Campy Daytona, full carbon fork, Bianchi Levitation wheel set with carbon hubs, $1300. if anyone is interested, joeylawrence@mail.com or hit me up on AIM, Kevtron3000.
  2. most of these movies aren't even bad. like low budget horror movies, for example. they're so poorly produced that they're funnier than actual comedies. when i think of bad movies, i think of Enemy at the Gates and Simone, because they were actually trying. i mean, the director seriously thought it was a good idea.
  3. Interpol - Turn on the Bright Light one of the best albums i've heard in the past two decades.
  4. maybe the picture not showing up has something to do with me not sensing the sarcasm. for your information, i am cooler that you.
  5. you're the one started the thread, mr. sarcasm.
  6. i been had known that. if you're saying that's where they took their name from, it's in the liner notes of fold your hands child you walk like a peasant.
  7. kjshlfkjasf Kyle's juniper shrub has leaves. Fuck Kyle's juniper. Asexual saprobes forever!
  8. i think the "... just kidding" was a nice touch.
  9. that's the plan, suckers... watch out for jeffk with brass knuckles.
  10. paul barman "gobble this obelisk" "I'll be your boyfriend... smooch on your pooper hole... all through the Super Bowl."
  11. dude, that was super damn awesome.
  12. damn... you had to shell out the big dollars for the hot lazer background... all i got was royal blue.
  13. so Einstein hadn't truly received oral?
  14. intimate fudge man... Chile is super. why is it so much better when it's not coherent?
  15. it's simple. you randomly generate an acronym by mashing your keyboard like so... lkrdfg. next, you form a coherent sentence out of the letters. uh... "likewise, kevin reams david's faucet gracefully." here's a new one: flakjs
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