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  1. for someone whos been painting for about 1 year you sure got a big head. kids these days make me laugh. i hope you got the message i left for you in "your yard"
  2. yo, fr8hound! thanks for the propers. yup, I'm still rockin it. I wish I knew how to post some current steez. most stuff is a few years old. Hit my old addy up if you have it.

    spotted 49

    robot coupe ewok hm mber yo beast, any details on the alius car?
  4. http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/68770dc4/bc/__hr_path+of+jackson+engine.jpg?bcDAUM8ABX9vxGbM'> ...until i figure this out, anyone have info on this badboy
  5. http://http://edit.photos.yahoo.com/bc/sadermize/process_bcmultipart_form'> probably won't work...
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