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  1. fartus

    DEIS freights

    those freights are tight. post some esel freights if you got em.
  2. that JOE that keeps getting posted is tight
  3. i like the POT piece in the second flick. tight shit.
  4. nice pens.. but where are the stoner devices. re post them too.
  5. i like the mukis better. not just for the size, i like the letters more and the over all style.
  6. what was beside jesus? ive seen that pic before and wanted to see whats beside it.
  7. fartus

    MDR CREW !

    that sums up what was dope. wheres some 1shot?
  8. that reck piece that got dissed was tight.
  9. fartus


    sorry i hate these posts just as much as you. post 1shot flicks if you have em.
  10. looks like pier actualy gets hot girls.
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