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  1. fartus

    DEIS freights

    those freights are tight. post some esel freights if you got em.
  2. fartus

    Toronto-> like just above the US

    that JOE that keeps getting posted is tight
  3. fartus


    ha ahaha hah haa... me too
  4. fartus

    austin, the pits of hell!!!

    i like the POT piece in the second flick. tight shit.
  5. fartus

    Post Your Mops

    nice pens.. but where are the stoner devices. re post them too.
  6. fartus

    AWESOME battle.

    i like the mukis better. not just for the size, i like the letters more and the over all style.
  7. fartus

    The Jesus Freight

    what was beside jesus? ive seen that pic before and wanted to see whats beside it.
  8. fartus

    MDR CREW !

    that sums up what was dope. wheres some 1shot?
  9. fartus

    graffiti on a rock

    that reck piece that got dissed was tight.
  10. fartus


    sorry i hate these posts just as much as you. post 1shot flicks if you have em.
  11. 514's got some nice hoes.
  12. fartus

    Fokas n Colder's Ho-Train in Full Effect

    bump. props for that for sure.
  13. fartus

    Fokas n Colder's Ho-Train in Full Effect

    looks like pier actualy gets hot girls.