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  1. yeeehaw for my bro von loooooooooomit. shnell!!!!!!! unt his styles are gooo....d
  2. haha...you freak!!!!! i love suburban dirtbags like we all are.
  3. wow, i would never have remembered that if you didn't mention it. you forget nights until someone brings it up. nice!! i need to go back to freshchester, rack paint, listen to slayer while trying to figure out where to park to get to some screwy spot. just the thing to make ya feel 16 again!!!! i love it!!!!!
  4. haha!!!!!!!! insane night crew....i think inc might have to make an appearence very soon. wish i had a scanner, i have really great old photos from westchester and the bronx...oh yeah, nerd rocks
  5. haha...yes, long long ago in the burbs not too far away.....mr. ibex, reading your quotes, i've come to the conclusion that you know many little details that are only available to those who where submerged in what was the wonderful and fun world of late 80's and early 90's westchester/bronx graffiti. awww, running around in the wee hours painting on train tracks, avoiding crackhead,dead dogs and thirdrails...then cutting school the next day because you where just tooo fucking tired and screwed up from vapors. (sniffle) brings a tear to ones eye(sniffle) where's nerd?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got to love ye ol' 914
  6. aaawwww yes, the good ol' westchester days..metro-north walls galore
  7. hellfish


    who cares about graff, did you all see the perfection of that girl's supple ass.....DF: delicious females!!!!!!!!!!god bless
  8. say "hi" to all my jumpin-german friends fer me!!!!!:D
  9. today, zeph gave me a signed copy which i sat and fully admired with Bando's sister. we both think it's great. every self respecting artist should own it. great job bro!!!!!!
  10. jeez loueez df-att rock. east, sorry i couldn't make it out to kc. i called ya, but no pick up. i should be out there real soon though, so get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i am proud to be able to say nace is a df brother. it really hurts to lose such a cool person and a great talent. i'll miss him and his beautiful work.
  12. ted df, funny bastard he is.
  13. i laughed my yambags off when i saw that....celtic frost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice
  14. call me lame, but i dig models
  15. haha, i sucked.(that first one is in the late eighties, b4 the mighty fourskins and brothers of metal where born!!!!!) smoke crack and worship satan is what emit always sez
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