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  1. Syze you HARDROCK bastard.. I haven't talked to a soul in months and here I am and here you are... if this is all I see of you then I'm a happy man! HAHA Everyone needs to get in touch before Under Pressure Bitch! Let the hoes-down begin. CN FAMILY is right.. we're all on the same newsprint circuit and I'm on the other side of the country.. the work I catch on CNflats is so writer consistent that I get a little excited when i catch anyone outside the Fam.
  2. WHHHHHUE the Kansr and Ryno KILLED. Kids should get out the books now, so when the world goes tech again, everyone on "That Style" will be ready to continue to consistently make par. bump ITD chowda eating biatches.
  3. Stelth? wholecar.. QGRY .. all I could make out is and IBT mini-piece, top right .. it was black and white yeah right what yes yes what
  4. Labrona, Other.... Phsyk.... SirReal. So hot right now.
  5. why not, eh, Ono/Reke/21 gvsr, other side Beek/ Ok Sauce unfinished Dopa? Dopez
  6. HAHA.. I heard the good word and couldn't stop howling! How's the sack? AhahHA
  7. Good 'ol MoyBoy went large there Revise/ Fuse.. memories
  8. That BUFF looks to be done by a writer. Underneath it could be Much or something by Mark4.. but it definately looks like someone left enough for whoever it was to get the message.
  9. Beat you to it: Unfinished blue peice over an old Wyse - CN Worms ?/Mesko Plane Bear Pier/? Clew
  10. Re: crusted nut-socks for you kids Rueter? Like "R-OO-T-R"? This is Apel right.
  11. Believe it or not, shoes usually play a big part of my night... anything with grip is great, and waterproofness is a bonus. I always find myself sliping while running up hills, and somehow getting caught wadeing through small marshes. lol. Sometimes rubber pants would be a bonus....;)
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