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  1. you guys are all sleeping... http://www.visualorgasm.com/photos/vi-kwest001.jpg'>
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^ It's people like you that blow shit up in the first place. Youre an idiot. You stupid fuck.
  3. LOL It's all about mature students. Holy shit. I think you get dumber when you hit 50.
  4. The best part about TO is the sunlight. You know that track 'everybody loves the sunshine'? It's true. Go down on Queen St. at around 5:30 - 7, right when the light starts getting really orange. I don't know what it is, but when that light hits you, its an ill feeling. No other place feels the same. I think its the ozone. Seriously though, thats my favorite part about the city. Not to mention the old architecture, various halfway rundown buildings, and the Bay at Christmas time-early childhood memories. You know whats jokes? The guy who owns/runs that surplus store on Queen? HAT
  5. I think I'm turning into a snob. I don't know, honestly, I wasn't really feeling the Swollen show last night. Moka didn't even show, and the openers were wack. When Swollen finally got on it was ok...but the whole vibe was different compared to the last time I saw them. I don't care if they have a video, and publicity, and lots of people know about them...its just that this leads to like 10 fat sweaty white kids moshing when they drop 'Lady Venom'. Like what the fuck. The whole place blew up, like thats the only reason they were there. And they WERE NOT EVEN SELLING VINYL. Fuck. I'm dissappoin
  6. Music. I was always a better musician than artist.
  7. My stereo. It's got two speakers, and a volume knob.
  8. Live shows are fuckin awesome for picking up music. They are my wet dream. I'm going to check out Swollen and Moka tonight, and hopefully I'll come away with a ton of vinyl that I don't have the money for. Breakestra was a good example, the lp's were 20 flat instead of 24.99 plus tax. I realize that it's only a five dollar difference, but I think all djs are inherently cheap/ghetto, and if the possibility is there to get stuff for less, we start drooling like lobotomy ward patients.
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