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  1. this is exactly how i feel about it. ..
  2. i know where you live. . . .and i know where you bitchass is right now son you know i'll come a calling. . ok guys lets all agree deam or as bear says kwest from canada. . . pointo RENTE DO YOUR HOMEWORK STOP CHECKING 12OZ
  3. this kid rente is a wack motherfucker. . . ps i took half those flicks. . .his lazy bitchass wouldn't get out the car
  4. hit me with email. . i'd get it from kgbe but i lost his email address. pointo
  5. toad- i'm not ga3.. but they my peeps.. thanks for the flick though is that day time fun stuff still running? keep this post coming. . requests kgbe sonet histo hence more wizart rome raven monsters jobe cek more highways more bombing more flicks -pointo damn i'm greedy bhope is tip-top never on the flip flop
  6. nice post. . . but where's GA3 you know those art fags. . . :) .
  7. wish i had my flicks a got a fresh flick of a peice bus on the 73 line
  8. beantown trains are happy trains
  9. ya it is. . but you'll go back everyone always goes back hehehe
  10. Pizointer138

    boston legals

    no one mentioned a yard in beverly. . i've never even been to beverly, i'm not eveen sure which direction out of boston it is. . . but there is a leagle wall there. . though i've never painted there (and most likly never will) i've only heard horrible things. . .
  11. not really in the woods(its in a 6 square mile city with a population 120,000). . but it is a chill place. . .
  12. the fish the fishing the elephant dope dope all make me happy point
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