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  1. I think oze is one of the best. personal favorite.
  2. this is a great thread.
  3. I have not seen any pictures of roof expert. Does anybody have some. I really want too flash back and see one of those pieces he used to use climing equipment to do. He also had the sickest hand.
  4. Swoon Twice that is cool. I also like the sane and veefer tag.
  5. Yesterday I say an old english silver marker outline dated 82. in the bush. That is hella fresh it is 2002 almost 2003.
  6. UFO is cool I used to hate that kid gen2 stuff but his new throws are awesome. I saw one that looked like a chicken. I cant feel those "you" things with the man in a box. But ufo is one of my favorite bombers in nyc. His stuff is always tweaked at an angle and pops. He uses the spray can in less graffitti trained manner. I get sick of seeing everybody use the can in the same way. Some of his stuff is busted but I see it before most throwies because he goes higher than most people. This kid is up and if he isnt one of the most up I wouldnt care because it sticks out. It talks to more of the public than any random word representational or not. His stuff speaks to everyone no matter what language they are native to. I know he has clinton hill, bedstuy, williamsburg, buswick, lower manhatten, and dumbo smashed. And a decent amout of ups in every other part. I see this kid up more than most but these are all the places I go on a regular basis. I get a bit uncomfortable when the throwup stares back at me.
  7. Bilz Verbs gen2 ufo bisc203 czar where is Deck he belongs on this post. He smashs more then anyone in my part of town. Bedstuy. Czar and Risk 9 have decent ups too. But I think UFO is the most up in brooklyn next to deck. I like all the pratt toys you put on too where is pois. Or fear3. Or taemzo these guys get up too. Or Reinz.
  8. Bigtimer


    They have the big idea.
  9. The work is great sonic. It seems to be a revert back to a more creative and personal way of doing grafitti. I like the human touch aspect of this kind of street art. It is nice to see because so many street artist want thier work to look as if it wwas never touched. Keep it up brazil. I want to come.
  10. Bigtimer

    Darius & Downey

    does no one have flicks of these guys signs. Those are as dope as these rollars. I know one of you cats have flicks I have seen some on here.
  11. Bigtimer

    Darius & Downey

    Someone post a sign by these guys and let heads know.
  12. Bigtimer

    Darius & Downey

    Downey and Darius do more than just rollars. The largest portion of their work is done in the form of street signs. If anyone has any of these It would be intresting to see. They also do posters and other forms of instalation. I want to see CLone Jesus.
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