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ashy knucks

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  1. everybody got some shit to talk. those cats are cool people. just doing their thing and painting cleaner than yo mama. they travel quite a bit and are quite nice guys. style is style, you may not like it, but they do put in work, and zer would fuck your monkey asses up!
  2. two in the pink, one in the stink. arsn,spek in the pink and dwelly in the stink. hot post, wicked pissah on that axe wound and can i have my weed back? :D
  3. actually that thing works and it takes tips. you can repressurize it at any gas station
  4. i like arms alot. but he fa sho needs to apologize to ma nigga big bad JBUE. fa sho
  5. fr8oholic falling back into the boobie comfort zone....pen will be so jealous....
  6. them there is sum seksy fr8 paintahs. off da hizzy fo shizzy mah nizzies.
  7. that fake nigger mber is claiming true to death he asked me to post. and i'm gonna bust him to, that fake nigger uses tips on the regular.
  8. all krylon- safety green, pearl gray, charcoal grey, bonfire, chippewa, spanish brown, pastel yellow, mettallic blue, light peach, coral, burnt orange, aqua turqoise multiple cans of those plus 6 cans of hot pink, 3 cans of jungle, krylon van and truck baby blue, paper label baby blues, and some rusto avocado. all split between me and mber in one store. and you can talk them down on price for old cans.
  9. you are not a writer. if you ever held a can of jungle you would bust a nut. any writer who isn't in awe of jungle has never really used it or hasn't been around enough to appreciate it. i know less than 5 writers that have really had a real can of krylon jungle green not some mix. i have found several comparable ways to get the same color but nothing compares to the real thing.
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