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  1. eh, its not really that simply put though....as far as its effects for bodybuilders, no, it wont be good. but of course not...that type of physical strain requires a MUCH more balanced diet for your lifting to be most effective. i sure as fuck havent LOST any muscle mass, thats for sure. and consistent exercise wont be affected by atkins, because if your body has switched to burning fat, you have anendless supply of fuel. rather than burning off the carbs first, and then burning fat, youre just burning fat. there are lots of marathon runners on atkins who do quite well. the only reason its aimed more towards older folks is because thats where the majority of at risk overweight people are. the only way the diet affects yr cholesterol is by lowering it. i havent had a chance to go to the doctor(no med. insurance) but my mom, whos also doing atkins, is in the best health shes been in since she can remember, and the doctors visits have proven it. atkins isnt for everyone, but for overweight people needing to lose weight in an effective and healthy way....it works. and its proven to work thousands of times over. theres a reason you hear about it more and more these days. i dont know much about the CKD diet, but im sure it too will work for some and not work for others. every body is different...they should be treated that way.
  2. i guess itd be relevant to post that ive lost 30 pounds so far on atkins. i started september 21st, did it hardcore for another month and a half and lost around 20-23 pounds, was off it pretty much completely for the last month or so(is my calendar math making sense???) and i still ended up losing those last 7-10 pounds. im back on it now...i think the main reason i ended up stopping for so long was due to: beer and mixed drinks the munchies jack in the box red robin working at a pizza place. hard temptations, and after i lost all that weight so early on i was like, "eh, fuck it, i'll reward myself." and i'll probably do that again in another 2 months. cant wait.
  3. so horrible. he provided inspiration for just about every musician i know. i cant believe this happened...
  4. ohhhhhh nice one! you really zinged him there!! i dont understand how making a positive comment about someone equates to them jocking that person. but uh oh, now i must be on boxcars jock, cause i'm not opposing his views!!! change my name to Santa Cock!!!
  5. this is perhaps the silliest thread i have ever read. i am the original bland white teen. representing money and the suburbs. jocking black culture since '84.
  6. hey man, dont knock it 'til youve tried it. fun times.
  7. i think thats awesome. people need to get more creative with their racial insults. i applaud his efforts, because hey, its true, fuck off back to chocolate land, you niggers.
  8. hey look at me over here. hey, yeah. i've been here since may of 2000. but no one knows who the fuck i am!! MEEP MEEP!
  9. i cant believe children of bodom made it onto someones list...blah. but, i second the vote for the WORST BAND EVER: LIMP BIZKIT fred durst is amazing. in that really horrible kind of way.
  10. that guys a huge dick head, its funny. he makes fun of the dancers and shushes the audience. and its like, dude, youre the world's biggest boner. i dont care how well you can dance and who you've worked for....just look at you. boner.
  11. I'm going to mention the Atkins diet, and see how many objectors respond...but, for the 60% of america that has become obese, its in no doubt the best way to lose weight. I'm doing this right now, i've been on it for 4 days, and i already feel the increase in stable energy now that i've cut out carbs from diet. a low fat, high carb diet has been proved to be the leading cause in diabetes and heart disease, and switching to a carb controlled diet lowers the chance for the both of these dramatically, along with reduced cholesterol. it makes all the sense in the world... after my foot heals from the sprain i got, i'm gunna be walking/lifting daily. i'm at such a high risk for diabetes and heart disease(it runs in my family...for the overweight mexicans on my dad's side....) that i'd be stupid to not turn my life around. hooray for healthy living!
  12. or the swedes, eh? but i suppose they'll just stick with killing themselves or other band members.....
  13. so im hungover as fuck after my large amount of beer last night. is it ok to take ibuprofren or other pain relievers after a night of drinking???
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