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  1. G.G. ALLIN


    asid, your a little fuck, on here acting like your from detroit, fronting like your tags are nice ive seen your tags and if anyone on here wants an honest opinion from somone in the same area as him, his tags look like complete ass, i totally agree with seeking, all these kids in michigan coming out of every corner of the burbs thinkin there cool cause the do graff, fuck all of you little kids, especially awge, i cant beleive im even replying to this shit! this is little kid shit! cops rolling through the market and shit! i never thought ide see the day!
  2. bump for dt&i, cause thats were im from,and for that next fr8 that blasted me in my jaw! ------------------ rock till death...
  3. G.G. ALLIN

    Detroit rib kickers

    im not racist i hate everyone equaly! ------------------ rock till death...
  4. G.G. ALLIN


    makin putos cry!!!!! ------------------ rock till death...
  5. G.G. ALLIN


    when you post something thats painted is when i give you props, until then listen to slayer and go to wall mart! ------------------ rock till death...
  6. G.G. ALLIN


    you guys look like a buncha wiggers, your not metal ------------------ rock till death...
  7. G.G. ALLIN

    murder junkies

    dude get of mine!!!! get your own fuckin name,you got bangin ass freights and nice naked bitches but fuck your name ,it was mine first you ass hole ------------------ rock till death...
  8. G.G. ALLIN

    Tell'em GG Allin sent ya

    dude all you guys need to stop tryin to hype up detroit,it full of too much lazyness, noone even really paints on a regular basis, except a handfull of cats and there not even doin much , detroit will always suck and smell like shit, the only thing detroit is good for is cops killing people....burp!#
  9. G.G. ALLIN

    Teadering on the edge...

    some new jack imposter ------------------ rock till death...
  10. G.G. ALLIN


    ................. ------------------ rock till death...
  11. G.G. ALLIN

    skum fucks

    hey man its cool that you like the murder junkies and all,and im flatered that you would use my name but uhhhhhhhh its my name dude!.....nice fr8s though ------------------ rock till death...
  12. G.G. ALLIN

    Streaks look nice.

    awsome fuckin thread,i love streakers wish i had a scanner ide share some goodies.. ------------------ rock till death...
  13. G.G. ALLIN

    Detroit knee punchers

    the reason you would punch someones knee is because, you cant reach anything else to punch, stoopit! dont you have any apethy for dwarf ass motherfuckers like me, naw im just faided and follin bump for cataloooost..
  14. G.G. ALLIN

    I FEL the need to post....

    yeah like kinda recently there was like 2 or 3 on the freeway, one of um was in a pretty impressive spot too, i think there buffed already though? ------------------ rock till death...
  15. G.G. ALLIN

    $$$ -=- THE 666 POST -=- $$$

    ha this is the best thread that ive come across so shut your faces,but yeah i agree about the trasher sticker my freind used to have it on his car... ------------------ rock till death...