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  1. Not my best but, you know...
  2. happy 2013, jerks. ima piece it up and post it up plenty this year.
  3. ha, yea i realized my mistake a few days ago but i never came back in here to correct myself. cheers.
  4. maybe im reading it wrong ... maybe its "Chaze" ? :::
  5. SWIPE SO ILL! OYSTA! that Amaze up there by one of the Oysta joints is SO RAW BIZ, too.
  6. funny Ewok.com is complaining about about letter styles when his own letters suck now as much as they did back when..... dude shoulda stopped writing when The Real Ewok took his ass out at Paint Louis 2000.
  7. @ontheblock: word, thx @everyone else: im surprised no one posted this yet: the homie, Amuse, featured on the Juxtapoz blog http://www.juxtapoz.com/Current/graffiti-spotlight-amuse
  8. anyone ever catch a flick of that AIR fill-in on a parked school-bus of da 290? that shit is ILL.
  9. ill page so far. i dunno what i like better- that Pose, or that Oysta
  10. TDM is fine and dandy but that Nobl shit is just retarded dumb
  11. yea, it's one my all-time faves ... just looks like it's in Chi and i wanna know if it is or not.
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