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more freestyle from the most demented mind...

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by BLINK_evryda, Jan 3, 2002.

  1. BLINK_evryda

    BLINK_evryda Guest

    For my time being
    I release what I am seeing
    Through harmonious metaphors
    That open heavy locked lead doors
    for what imp worth im nothing to be
    Nothing to see
    I feel chains but im free
    Inside is the shattered voice built upon atrophy
    An interregnum of epiphany
    I shine with the spite of failure
    I twist all the words that you infer
    Those in charge are quick to to enthrall the masses
    Enforced thought through televisioned classes
    But let me digress
    And explain to you the state of this mess
    I know you have seen the false fortified fried feelings
    Of the young youth who follow any shadow of a truth
    Quick to respond like cavalry
    But quick to ignore the actuality of reality
    You were at one time when you doused in grime
    In public educational institutional actualities
    You followed or fell into distributional casualties
    But privated or publiced we have all been tricked

    So Mr. president encarante cremate
    And decide the free worlds fate
    Know that some wont fall victim to what we can't emancipate

    In the bohemian grove they cook the American public in their despotic stove
    If you heard right its no use to put up any fight
    But with this pen and my voice ill make things right
    What spider's webs they weave aren't that tight
    I proudly wear my blue collar
    And those of you alike raise your hands and holler
    The rich get richer the poor get lower
    The intelligence of the public is getting slower
    Try to police me my peeps or this state
    And find your self knock, knocking on heavens gate
    One must pay close attention
    And see through all the tension
    Im still alive and to all my final destinations Ill arrive
    You cant knock the hustle or the lives that were living
    We are strong enough to kill the opposition
    To spite all powers among us is my mission
    So through many types of crime I make a transition
    So well rounded
    So Step to this and get pounded
    Im one-hundred percent bent on the artisitic forms of criminal intent
    From beat dropping to record swapping
    Poetry in motion from examples built on social corrosion
    Grafitti cans sprayed while you sleep
    What the powers sow we will reep
    And that's the final word no matter what you heard

    So once again incarnate cremate
    Weave the webs of the free worlds fate
    And go ahead cremate care
    but your own soul you cant even bare

    So Mr. president encarante cremate
    And decide the free worlds fate
    Know that some wont fall victim to what we can't emancipate


    there you go
    have fun ripping this apart vultures

    love you guys much, NOT!!!
  2. BLINK_evryda

    BLINK_evryda Guest

    just like that im come back darker than black
    im whacker than a bust ass cracker from laffeyette and you can bet
    you metta recta teck
    you see i spill words onto this stolen microphone ima whack mc who stands all alone
    you beat jack so much you need that posse
    cause you'll get shot for being flossy
    and trying to act mob bossy
    but your not
    and you call it pot
    you dont thin a whole lot
    so on this subject you might reflect but i detect that in the end youll be a washed up reject
    your name is cheap ass fake fried producer
    beat abuser
    closet crack user
    ill hang you with your fake ice
    video tape it then give you lice
    you see i rime to kill time
    that means your style aint worth beans
    i eat sleep breathe and dream in hop hop
    then i eat sleep an shit upon pop crop
    while you eat sleep and shit a flop
    you cant handle real music
    whats real to you is a trick
    turned for less than a tenth of a cent
    oh im sorry being fake wasnt the original intent
    no doubt youre just another sell out
    so get up and GET OUT
    my knowledge flows like a broken spout
    dont get me wrong and dont get it twisted
    for if you do expect to get fisted
    directly to your face
    like square solo baric base
    I'll win this race
    From now till eternity
    This is the words of a dead em ceeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!