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  1. You know its a burner when you need detail shots of a freight. Thats not something you see everyday.
  2. Mek money, slow down son your killin em!
  3. Damn Emit your showin everyone how its done.
  4. To much dope shit to comment on. But hat Ewok Msk another level type shit.
  5. That wall came out real tight fellas
  6. Years back Ces and Yes2 did gold pieces over some Egon stuff. They at least hooked a brother up. Respect the dead!
  7. Smug iz da man> LOve the interview in Graffotism
  8. Happy Turkeyday to everyone in the Fua fam.
  9. That SEkt by Mast just made my day.
  10. Alot of good shit goin on in ct. But on the last page who ever keeps reposting thoes photos with the color fucked with, stop. Fuckin with the cloor does not help at all You just need to go out and paint more if you want to get any better.
  11. That snow really sucked, I felt like I was livin in the Roc.
  12. The Fba train looks real dope. Just met Alive5 in Fla at Pintura Project, real cool guy. Ps I dont give a shit about Revok. The whole graff world is not obsessed him.
  13. Mek n Ras u killed it on that one
  14. Craze is rugged as fuck. He' ll make your white tee look like its covered in tomato paste.
  15. Juse, slow down son yer killin em.
  16. Ithink Jive just likes chillin at the mall in Hot Topics.
  17. Easy still does, Fuck the fence
  18. Does n Rime Dont see it. LOveletters crew all day
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