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  1. That Yes2 up there burns real hard.
  2. Hey Watch. Next time you go over me trying to do a piece. do a better job of rolling my old one out.
  3. Damn Taste that shit is sick. Great colors.
  4. Great to see that Ces n Yes2 are still runnin at 238th. 12 or 13 yrs. Cavs!
  5. NO snow around here. Its like spring all winter.
  6. I love thoes Ames. Dude killed it. Feels like yesterday flickin them, how time flies.
  7. Im pretty sure Jick has cloned himself because i dont see how one dude can paint so much.
  8. Semes killin it again. The bar was set really high in the 90s, I dont think the 2000s+ are stackin up.
  9. Jick n Taste killed that one. I like the old graff peekin out from behide the bricks.
  10. Seme n Bel you guys just killed this thread on the last few pages. THoes old Fact pieces, Mez, little miss cant be wrong, early danbury wall, bk, bridgeport, n pistol wavin new haven. Damn. I could go on forever. It reminds me of why I stated paintin. Not many states hold it down like Ct.
  11. Lovin thoes colors right there!
  12. Mek n Taste you guys are killin it. I did quite a bit of paintin at the end of last year, but I only got one under my belt for 2012. I got some cathin up to do.
  13. I love that spot right there.
  14. Thoes were the flix i was talkin about. Thanks fellas. Maybe one day ill figure out how to really use a computer.
  15. Im a little late to the party on this comment but i have to dissagree that the Ct seen is centered around hartford. Now a days it is not really connected to any citys imparticular. I think a lot of that has to do with the internet. Everthing is messed together as well as a lot of influences from out side the state. I stated paintin in 93 in Danbury. At that time citys like Danbury, Norwalk, Brigdeport, New Britian, Hartrord and so on had ther own writers own spots and even ther own styles. Also great factory flixs Bel. And on a final note Ethreadz is sorely missed on here. Miss you brother.
  16. Someone needs to post the Emit, Ces, Fact, and Sub. I think it was the one that said " I got paint in my veins" I have the flixs but no way to post them. Same era as the other Ces and Sub. Real tuff pieces.
  17. JIck n Mast you guys killed it on that one.
  18. Ges is comin correct. I like the brick pattern in the R.
  19. THose Tastes are so fresh and clean clean!
  20. Bones n Zoer lookin real tight. Dersk Diggler and thoes Icr wall are sick. Go big or go home.
  21. Sick fills on that one there. CT style.
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