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  1. Beat stays killin em! What up brotha.
  2. THose are some great flix there taxman.
  3. Maybe good graff comes from rich towns in ct but not in other areas. How can you explain graff startin in nyc then? The majority of The Bronx is not a rich area.
  4. Rest in power Royl. 2 years to long brotha.
  5. Ceros, Keph n Craze killed it.
  6. Is that an unfinished Fact piece. Nice!
  7. Graffiti doesnt last for ever. Get your flicks and move on.
  8. Meow. That was off the beatin path.
  9. Nobody is gettin money, Barry Obamas stealin it all!
  10. That Pace n Keph are pretty fuckin dope!
  11. Love the drips on that Taste. And Bones he dont fuck around.
  12. I saw a Credit and a few other pieces on the chanel 7 news in ny last night. They had a story about some dbag who stole a funbox and railslide bar from rampage. A great video of the dude droppin the thing on himself. What an asshole.
  13. Those new walls are lookin sick fellas. I got to get my ass up to the Roc soon. Gore= real serious!
  14. Kids now a days have no respect. If you cant burn it dont go over it. Thats one of the rules of graff. I didnt see the Vet that was there, but ive been a fan of his work for a long time. And none of that comes even close to burnin any Vet pieces.
  15. That Taste is so off the hook he blew the pay phone off the wall.
  16. Evak, Ras, Mek,and Bones you guys killed it on that one.
  17. Ces, Yes2, Wane the definition of nyc graff. Peeta, LoveLetters Crew never dissapoint. And the MCA tribute is sick. Great page.
  18. That Jimmys hip-hop wall came out pretty dope. I'd like to see some close ups. Wonksaggin!
  19. " Hi Till I Die" You go with your bad self Eazy.
  20. That Bones right there. Sick as always.
  21. THanks for thoes flix Bel. Some real good times in there. Big Beat what up brotha?
  22. Celo... Rest In Power brotha. Its amazin how 7 yrs have flown by.
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