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  1. I think that Hi Crew graffiti jam wall needs to take a little viagra.
  2. Mek goin hard, like he is on viagra. Nice.
  3. I'm lovin all the Royl pieces. I know he would to.
  4. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for showing so much love to Elliot. It really means alot to his family and friends. All the pieces look great. Yesterday I went and rocked a Royl piece. I took it from a blackbook he would always draw in when he came to my crib. Now he is chillin next to Celo. If someone could flick it that would be great. Because I basically have no computer skills.
  5. My best friend. Love you and miss you brotha. My life will not be the same.
  6. Elliot was and always will be my best friend. The world has suffered a great loss. I can barely put into words haw I feel. We are all better off for knowing him. Life is short, respect your family, your friends and others. Because you never know what could happen tommorow. Five and half years ago I lost my younger brother from a nother mother Celo. I never thought I would be going through this again.
  7. I remember seeing Pac 2 in some early Undercover mags. Maybe issue 2 or 3 . I'm not to sure. Keep up the good work.
  8. The matching color Emit n Jive with the water towers is sick. It brings me back to the days of seeing new stuff on the pet shop. Great job guys.
  9. rage3


    Serious burners. The Exchange book is top notch.
  10. Those walls are lookin tight. I just need to know, wheres the Boss Sauce at son.
  11. Keep murderin Mek Money, FUA all dayyyyyyyy.......
  12. who ever dissed that colo not only disrespected celo but they also disrespected me. you are going to have a real problem. real talk.
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