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  1. Nice Royl Busy. I miss that dude alot.
  2. Im an equal oppertunity racist i hate everyone . LOL
  3. Sleazzy E is doin his damn thing
  4. 2 months since e pasted it gets no easyer
  5. That wall is lookin real dope. Man I wish that chick was ridin my face
  6. Black rollup makes everything pop
  7. Everyone is killin it. Lovin the color skeme on that last wall armor. A little Tuff City train action. Nice
  8. The name ame is already taken.
  9. Now that is what I call a page of quality graff
  10. Sno Boogie whats up my man? Fuallday
  11. Wall looks real sick Mek. I cant wait to see the full on shot
  12. You gotta watch your back on Sesame Street. Looks real dope. Bisc N Leia Bk all day
  13. That Cas back there is lookin real tight. Lets see the rest.
  14. Lovin that new Jive piece. The emit bus was so dope. Uner Cover #2 maybe.
  15. The spiders are runnin wild
  16. Eazy, Reo, Craze lookin real dope. Hi Crew loves them boarders.
  17. Got that mag thoes flix came from. Good one. Fuck the computer. Bring back Under cover, Crazy Kings, !2oz the mag, I could go on forever.
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