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  1. Not to sure who rocked it, but the Lovelife piece in danbury off 84 Is pretty tight. Good job.
  2. This thread is full of to many Dbags who hide behind fake names
  3. Yes 2 always killin it. And that jc flik, dope. Got the Fact at the beginning of that wall? Killer piece.
  4. Now thoes are some great flix right there
  5. Demand,Sekt n Mast killed it. Looks great.
  6. Evak n Mek are real dope. Range pure style.
  7. BBoy BBQ thats whats up!
  8. You guys killed that wall.
  9. The Yes 2 mobile, Ballin!
  10. Spring Break 2011 lets go!
  11. That Jick is lookin dope. Great to see so Kaws.
  12. Dope video. Its all about the details.
  13. I know Bones has got to be paintin. Where them flix at?
  14. Zoe gettin busy. Must be warmin up in the Roc. Wheres Boogie at?
  15. Not smart to tell people on here where spots are .That is how they get ruined.
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