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  1. Reat in peace Ethreadz.Its unbeliveable to me that today is one year since Royl passed, it feels like yesterday to me. Im proud to say that Elliot was one of my best friends for 17 years. Its unfortunate that a truly great guy passes away when I can think of a million phony fucks who the world would not miss. Respect your family and friends because life is short.
  2. Emit n East killed it on thoes burners.Taste knows bboys.
  3. Gaze n Cycle 96 Danbury wall. The good oldays.
  4. Reo n Sebastian killed it in Canada ehh.
  5. View n Woke are lookin dope. That Egon2 is bringin it back
  6. THe Mad Grill. That was the spot . Bought my first Under Cover there.
  7. I second what Seme said. My boy would have been 34 today. I miss that dude alot.
  8. That Bio piece is insane. Does kills it everytime.
  9. Next saturday it on, BBoy BBQ!
  10. Thoes are some great flix Cil. Ill never forget the first time i meet Cycle. Soz, Celo and I were chillin at a spot in Danbury when he stroled up and started to burn it down. We were young bucks at that time and he gave us the time of day. When many people back then did not. Real cool guy.
  11. Lets see some more Fact. Dude burns hard.
  12. That Maze n Vet is where it is at.
  13. That is what I was talkin about
  14. I saw it saterday and its a little fucked up
  15. Look at that old Trasher above that Ven n Stak. Nice.
  16. Its real sad that, the new Wink piece is already fucked up. There is an absolute lack of respect nowadays. I would recommend anyone paintin spots should not leave cans laying around. Other wise this type of bullshit will continue.
  17. Bones n Taste are killin them freights
  18. That was in Bridgeport.
  19. Bel and Acid your killin them with the flix. All that early 90s, take me back to the days of if you wanted to see it you had to go find it and flick it your self. There was something to that. I miss thoes days.
  20. I cant wait for the B Boy BBQ, weres Boogie and his bike I need some boss sauce.
  21. If Ethreadz was still around this thread would not have gone to shit. Rest in peace brotha.
  22. Assholes like that never get respect.
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