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  1. crappy flics, and there is no point for a louisville thread, johnny law comes to these boards frequently, and collect flics from here and keep on file for each individual writer for prosecution, as i have recently discovered. please delete, and fatcappycap quit spreading rumors about people joining your 'crew' if you can even call it that. but If you people want to be ignorant and keep posting go ahead and incriminate yourselves, IE soup and bts flics that you all are so proud of because you learned how to hold down a nozzlle and make paint come out. im done typing, im sure it will be deleted shortly

  2. Originally posted by EyeforAnEYE

    I thought the "pwn" came from starcraft2, some map name or something was supposed to say "OWNED" but a typo happened and it was then PWNED

    pwned comes from the first starcraft, trust me, sadly i was an avid player when the term came around.

  3. i didnt like the pieces too much in your first post, i didnt like all the little jagged do-dads/extensions coming from and cutting into your letters, not that its bad,just my prefrence. but these two i like the best, letters are pretty good but IMO there are still too many trendy arrows and extensions. do your thing tho.


    and your throws are fire, but the teeth on the E look silly. but other then that theyre almost perfect to me...

  4. Originally posted by laybeuh

    you faggot toys ill kill you.. bookwork sticker jock fagtron oner :)



    hahhahhahhahaha this was one of the funniest things ive heard in a while...


    but laybeuh do you get off ragging on toys? you paint, good for you, but who cares what the fuck some kid halfway across the country is doing. why waste your time being an asshole?

  5. in my opinion it would be really stupid to do a piece in pointalism, way too tedious for my tastes. but anyone who could pull it off successfully i would be interesting in seeing.

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