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  1. Originally posted by Milton

    Yo, yo the best this year

    To bless this here mic til your brain burst

    I'll guest appear twice and the check will clear three times from the same


    I was always a demon

    I took the form of a fetus the second my pop's balls spread his semen

    Lost my marbles at six

    Fuck swollowin my nut, I make bitches gargle my piss

    Bench-press and take over spirits with my fuckin' lyrics

    Since seven my reflection wouldn't show up in mirrors

    And every club that I rip, groupies tuggin my dick

    I make songs I'd love, even if it wasn't my shit

    Y'all drop drugs, generic and bland

    Sucking the cocks of Biggie and Pac while tryin to inherit they fans

    And may God bless the soul of every rapper murdered

    Except for the cats I served

    And if they were wack then they deserved it

    Show me a thug, I'd permeate one

    Duck from the son of a gun born from the barrel of a 38 snub. --Copywrite.



    So dope! Copy kills shit: "I got psychics quotin' shit that I ain't even said yet"


    yes he does kill it..haha


    and tempt, i dont really like ur stuff in the last post, but the other peices are nice, sopher spin off but yo ur doin ur thing, keep it up.

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