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  1. Originally posted by Ckit

    hey fiend what pens do you use to outline thosE? are they just caligraphy pens? ive been trying forever to find something that can make those kinds of lines but with no luck.....


    I use 'Rotring Isograph' pens, they're quite pricy, but are refillable and last ya forever... The nibs are like needles!

  2. ^^^Press the 'Prt Sc...' button on the top of your keyboard, then click paste, into Paint or whatever...

    Anyways, these aren't exactly stickers, but thought I'd post 'em up in here anyways... Had aload of pieces cluttering up my room, and instead of throwing em out, thought I'd stick em up (Inspired by Chimp's essay on the Woost)...






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