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  1. "shor" if you respect hore you should not talk about him on the internet because if you do know him or know someone who knows him you should no better than to hurt him worse by talking about him he is deep in some shit right now. if you want to help support his zine or if you want to be stupid and jock the shit out of him like you have been write him a love note...or hey why dont you just start a hore thread???? im sure he would be happy to see that then mabie he will fall in love with you..


    if you are going to post his shit blank out the numbers.




  2. i did not change my name? i just never

    posted because i never had shit to say i

    was just letting you know you were out

    of line and homie is in jail so lay the fuck off.

    he gets his respect dont try to hype up your

    homie over another person who killed shit.

    xide is fresh im not here to hate and i know

    you are tight with him ive seen a few of

    yours rolling just let your opinion go

    because your wrong.

  3. hey seeking that hoer looks nothing like xide but your shit looks hella like jokers and kemas right? oops did i pull your card?


    oh ps: hore is in jail for a year so i will let him know you are jocking him its good to see you are on another dick..one bigger than yours...

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