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  1. Yeah thats true that you wont get much fame, but you could start a revolution in your town you know, bring graff to that town, inspire kids to bomb, they see your shit and then they want to start piecing. That is something good that could come out of it, it could also attract writers from the cities when they drive thru..

  2. I was lookin out for my friend while he was gettin busy under a bridge by a lake and across the lake there was some big building and a guy came out in his truck and yelled to my friend and i was like dude get the fuck outta there and he dint here me and the cops came and fuckin put him in the cruiser, it sucked horse nuts.

  3. Yeah theres no yards here really, the freights stop out in a field occasionally but my friend is always like gettin me to hit up wicked risky places and shit, hes gotten caught before and all they did was make him clean it and it looks like shit now, looks the same with shitty white stuff on it, cops are fuckin gay tho.

  4. Hey im a writer from a small town, basically the only graff this town sees is what my friend or me put up, do you think its worth it to write in a town like this or would you bomb up in a place where theres a graff scene?

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