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  1. rewarning


    folks despite me being full of shit, u can count the number of times i post in here, LEO is watching this thread, it's been spit at me more than once, especially since no one on the force speaks english! oh yeah they don't have a newly formed vandal squad here in o-town either, made up of youngun's playin the role. my bad for bein full of shit!!!..please come and do u!!!



  2. WARNING!!!!


    peace, yo mad careful when hookin info on this thread, my lil nigga emey, just got done doing bout 20days deep due to LEO having info supplied by thru this thread, u know shit like "wheres emey from? answer: he's from blah blah but now lives in blah blah??? u know stupid shit like that and of course runnin photoblogs on CARE2 labeled japanesegraffiti??? one of the most popular bombers out this bitch just got bit due to cyber intel...if ya steppin thru, shit done change, guard ya grill , if ya ain't new 2 dis, keep ya fuckin suck close!!



  3. Yeah... I don't get this either... what are you doing? Blowing the paper around?


    In unrelated prisma-blowing shits, I tried putting letters on onion paper and gluing them in my book. It sounds really cool because the paper is really transparent and will show through anything it's placed over so you should get some interesting effects with photos and things like that under it... failed miserably. The ink just doesn't adhere to the paper and the glue couldn't hold it down right. It got all wrinkly and shit.


    Anyone have any suggestions for what to use similar to that for the same effect?


    I'm wondering about those transparent plastic sheets they sell in Office Supply stores with paint markers but what the fuck would you attach them with?


    Anyway, suggestions are appreciated.


    the only way to do this with any amount of success is to tape the traceing paper to the of the back of the page, fold and score top and bottom and open end, tape the bottom to the back of the page also, open side also, it's not permanently fixed to the front , but u can make it semi perm. in back with a lil duct tape and what not, now mind u using glue or tape in time will cause a chemical breakdown of the paper, plus everyone fingerphuckin the page does help either.....



    roler da sensei

  4. Was that piece filling done with airbrush?

    nah yo! pantone AD marker with a lil airbrush twinkles, i'll scan a close up b4 i give the book back! i must say this is one of the dopiest threads goin...oh and excuse the durty ass keyboard! 1!

  5. Blackbook Technician.


    using this pic as an example could someone recomend changes or better techniques??please?!?!



    peace, da oldtimer here, i'm feelin this thread...


    zector1...start with basics(str8 block letters.practice.then bitch it up a lil somethin with sexy curves.practice.then thin the letters down for mildstyle.practice.then work urself up to da WILDSTYLE.practice.this shit ain't easy if u don't put the time in.practice. right now ur letter structure is all over the place.if u wanna do ghetto hieroglyphics!.u gotta unearth the vaults and the internet is ur vault, study and immulate and then try and do better than the next even if its ur nigga.


    heres my bible/koran/torah basics...


    old school designers if u can find them, best colorless blender, not this new fangle doublesided wackshits.


    chartpak AD markers, next best colorless blender, now on the subject of this, i wouldn't used a cblend to transition between 2,3 or 4 colors, just lay the alcohols on top of each other and the pigments will blend as the alcohol dissolves but doing it this way u have to move quickly to get that smoove transition between black and say orange. now what i do use the cblend for is color fade into page..run a hairdryer over the page to fast dry the colors and use the same 2,3 or 4 colors again to create a second layer of color ina darker shade...another thing AD markers are extremely wet so less is more...


    color pencils...use 'em, great 4 tonal fx's...


    those lil paint pen jammies and whatnot for that 3d Fx layer of color on top of color, b warned of mixing the waxy color pencils with the paint pens/milky shits, plan ahead!


    outlines: anything really that doesn't bleed, hairdryer it! also, drying the waterbased outliners lessons the chance that u'll smear that freshly outlined burner when u erase the pencil lines. another lil trick i use is to draw the burner thumbnail on a small piece of paper, scan it in, resize it to the perfect page size in photoshop, drop a piece of tracing paper into my printer, print, graphite the back of the tracing paper, lay my sketch in what ever way, tape to hold the tracing paper, burnish the outline, remove tracing paper, perfect sized sketch and no erasing, now this may seem anal but when ur going up against THEMO.tm7 or YES.tm7 or any blackbook king u better be able to bring it...


    airbrush: automated spraycan, with some clever maskin and/or handcontrol this tool really makes ur work pop...if ur noo 2 dis, be patient but it's a bitch...make sure to strain ur colors for smoother spraying, use a stocking!


    well thats all i could think of while sitting on toilet enjoying some trees, i hope for the newbies this is helpful, for the rookies this is enlighting, for the intermediate this'll help ya to the next level, for the experts, knowledge is king!!!



  6. what is this country like. I've never been?


    its cool, it can be tough out here if u don't have a hardcore direction, the peeps will drive u crazy but they don't truely bother u either, do u! the main hustle here is teaching english and bartending and hustling, thats all thats it no more no less...as u've heard bombing is as bombin does, but it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy expensive to move around this bitch, so a cat like very is the special jap writer, that nigga travels and gets up...globally! and a very nice cat! the country is very much up on our culture, but the street scene is thriving and mind u those jap cats are using that wack ass japanese paint and pulling off some deep works...its the same as america except everybodies japanese and the women aren't that cute and won't swallow!...one!

  7. nah yo!!


    "the object is more...." -KING CAP from style wars.;)
    yeah but cap was/is a drunken toy that ruined tons of hard work we put in only to get bullshit fame, and the object was be up and nice with urs...dat nigga cap did nothin for the artform except bring about its demise quicker...fuck that skrum....
  8. sssshhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmeeeeeeeggggggggmmmaaa come out and pllllaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!


    young nigga i wish we could meet, then i put my arm around ur scrawny ass shoulders and ask u, do u know ur history son, u'd say "no uncle roler i don't", i'd say "on 12oz where u seem to be a compu-thug, do a search on tm7, u'd say "but i'm scared i might learn what true style is", i said, don't make me think the best part of u ran down ur moms leg, go and look son, u say in ur best tremblin japanese bitch voice, as u drop to yo knees "uncle roler, me love ur style long time, as u eye my crotch!" of course u never heard of me, most toys haven't...!!! roler one tm7 1974 - until....!
  9. ooops


    now.now kids play nice, i didn't mean to cause a stir or did i? serum be gentle, g'd chill yo, no one is questioning ur validity as a bomber puttin in work locally but just pics of the local bombing scene is kinda how shall i say wack, especially in the forum thats supposed to lend itself to burners and productions, i really wish they would open a forum just for the street action heads, i know bombin is a major part of our culture but i don't wanna have to wade thru a ton of half ass street caligraphy to view one nice burner 7 pages thru a thread? g'd, the lastest flicks were cool but theres wayyyyy deeper style than those cats..."also if you didnt know, Osaka has become a little less chill in the past year for street bombing. cameras have been put up all over amemura and the buff is on.

    kill the streets!!!!" i know, youngun's keep me abreast of the situation as well as ain't that hard to see when u walk thru thats shit is all buffed and lil bro watchin, but that shit means nuthin to a burner cause just seein that name up just can't compare to a wicked burna, so we travel and spend hours perfecting our craft, which should be every writer aim to move towards burnin!!!! now whats more impressive dope ass burner done illegally that u know took a while or tons of the same tag all over place...ya feel me...so relax and do u!

  10. much better shit than whats posted


    dayam! seeing that i don't usually frequent these boards anymore, i decided to drop by and check the pic scene from my place on this side of the globe and after doing the pages in reverse ala japanese style...i must say that whoever is doing the picture taking doesn't know shit about where the burner spots are!!! i mean i don't paint as much as i want to(business, family, BLAH BLAH BLAH) but even i know where to go and check the latest burners or productions, these places are for PIECEing not bombin, and yes i know some cats that do their pieces in nihongo!!! especially osaka, its a piecer's paradise if u know where to go...why only cmk and amemura shit??? theres tons of real deep painters here...i know i'm one of them...oh well i guess yall do u...gotta go start another burner...keep the real skillz on point...10yrs thru 21yrs for bombers...after that learn to burn....roler.one.tm7.brooklyn2osaka!

  11. holla


    peace askew, i have a question about your statement

    "I like muted colours..I like Type and Also use predominatly roller paints and brush for my walls now" are you using brush paint with the aerosol, i mean the gradations are quite smooth, explain this tech..to me, quite interesting, also how much is a can of belton molly preemo there? why don`t you just import it by mail order?



  12. peace! just got just back from checkin roy ayers, don`t now if alot of you young heads know this cat but he he`s a legend in the jazz fusion style of music, i know a few of his jams and he`s been sampled by mad artist, but anyway i`m checkin these old school cats out and i`m thinkin this cat is nice with his, lookin like someones grand dad, when my shorty leans into me and says "that`s you in about 15yrs", i immediately think whoa beer belly bill cosby lookin cat with locs! shitttt i workout to hard to go that route, is she sayin i`m gettin that fat, but then she leans back in with a little giggle and says "you know with that spray can art of yours" then she does the universal pressing/hand swipeing movement, then turns around and continues to check the show...for the rest of the show all i could think of was goin piecein...classic....

  13. yea sew is nice with his on the wall, in the books he devotion is unquestoned and i got up close to his work and it`s very clean not a pictorial cleanup, speaking of mags is the internet slowly becomin the mag of choice and yo i wanna see the west coast work today who`s doin the hot shit, i wanna see the up and coming on my end so i can direct the japanese cats to these sites, cause even tho the style was originated in the east it was the west that changed the game with the hyper rendering and the unsung heros green and genius doin bangin productions without the designer joints of today, the slick vs hex battle that had all kinds of tricks in there that had me swearing they were usin airbrush, just pure CAN CONTROL...think of it this way this is the transcendent artform what other movement brings together muthaphucka`s from across the planet that are into the same thing ....drawing...outside of tattooing...is there growth in the artform?

  14. peace! ten cents no prob, it`s true the internet is a blessing and a curse, but that was also said about magazines, to me the internet is a great way to see what we wouldn`t get to see round the way but...it does thrust the rookies into the arena of the pros without due process, when i took ivory under it`s was the most frustrating time in my art career, money just wouldn`t listen and would bitch when his work came off wrong, but in time he gave in and took what knowledge i had use it to his advantage, then he took tich under and that cat got nice...you see even in this much maligned artform there is a chain of command and when you don`t repect that you get nothin but internal disorder...we have the dmc turntable contest, rap awards and keep it real graffiti. i wish we had a world supremecy battle where a busted area is subjected to a week of hardcore burners and chars. and judged by a jury of our peers wouldn`t that be a beautiful thing...but i digress...holla

  15. supreme ruler, grand puba, head negro in charge, dictator for life, yakuza boss


    yeah i put him down, he`s a really nice kid and puts in the work and promotes the corporation...i must say not one of his best pieces i`ve seen from him and i`m sure there is a reason for this cause i`ve seen some nice work from him but he is down...one

  16. Originally posted by funkUup

    hmm this discussion could go on forever, howerver things change and for graff it has been for the worst, too many kids in the game for the wrong reasons. After 18 years in the game the only thing that keeps me going is the love of the art and keeping long lost traditions alive. Most younger writers are too "Tuff" to be mentored and reject constuctive critisizm of their work by old schoolers who they consider to be "living in the past."


    The bottom line for me is this: I'm going to keep rocking fresh pieces by the hundreds for as long as possible. Instead of bitching and whining about how wack the new writers are I'll do my best to lead by example. Sooner or later the props will come...If one or two kids can be influenced by my work along the way then mission accomplished. If not.. then I'll have a fat photo album full of dope flicks to show my kids and grand kids while Im sitting in my rocking chair and smoking a pipe remembering the good ole days..


    here, here money, my feelings exactly, as someone whos`s 11 year old son draws and has started experimenting with the paint, i feel a swell of pride when he tells me he wants be like me, but i do push him to draw and not write, because i feel he has the potential to be a nasty artist first, a burner second...you said aerosol/graff art has changed for the worst what must be done to get it to change for the better, i`ve been at this for close to 30 yrs on and off...amd i want to be at for as long as i exist.

    now i know we are suppose to stay positive with this but TEN CENTS are you searching for glory or do you not understand discussion only, thats a truly hardheaded move, we are TALKING here....the reason for no pics is fast turnaround for responses, is this what everyone talking about when it comes to respect....moderator can you please remove these flicks...thanks, and TEN CENTS start your own thread

  17. ok, we all know that the situation with our artform is sometimes bleak and sometimes enlightning, we can go on with oral fodder forever out this piece saying whats wrong , i mean old growth put it out there poetically when he said you`ll never see a writer/painter product pitching in the states and just to show you the level of respect the artform gets across some borders, i turn on the idiot box the other day and theres futura 2000 doing an ad for uni-glo a japanese based company, i mean laying the skill to a clear piece of plexiglas so you are first person in the ad, nice yo, nothing spectacular, nothin overdone to focus on the clothes, just him doin a lil something and talking about k. haring...but in hindsight when i was coming up being hard and rushing cats in the yard was how you were but these days whos really hard? who cares what others think because when it`s all said and done those cats running around claiming to be the realest won`t be remember but someone who pulls off something nasty will be remembered for their level of commitment, and no matter how you do it bombin, piecein what ever you need commitment and at times i do feel some artist just use our artform as a springboard into the more establish art world, i have been to quote unquote graff artshows where i`ll be damn if that was anything connected to our artform...also to open up another can of worms what ever happened to the friendly/unfriendly battles that promoted creativity in artform and not bloodshed, i loved seein skeme vs wrek, slick vs hex, t.a.t on one side of town and fx on the other goin at for supremecy of the bx back in the day because that seemed to push one to be better than the other, therefore new techniques were promoted...does anyone battle anymore?

  18. one more thing before i crash it`s 3:30 am here in japan, there seems to be no mentors anymore, none of the young headz want to be under the wing, or at least admit that they are somewhat under the wing from afar, i know the designer paint makes it easier these days but even a master has a mentor....holla

  19. see this what i`m talkin bout open ended discussion, i can`t really judge outside of what i see in nyc and the tri-state area when i`m in the states and usually when i hollar i get "nah money theres not to much goin on" but i know theres a gang of hot cats doin shit everywhere, but it seems to be a sprinkle, i maybe wrong and get at me if i am but i think overseas maybe more about the uniform production other than self promotion, i`ve seen nasty work from texas, atlanta and whatnot, but i just do not see the level and scale of work from over this way, take for example the big wall in the NYC HOF, mad old/middle school there(Part.TDS, Muse.Wallnuts, Per.FX, Eaz.FX ,Flite1 (unfinished) T-Kid, Dez, Cope2 ), but no unformity, nothin to tie the wall together, just names and color, in MY opinion not deep, do you think if that was a foreign production they would have went in that direction, no, here in japan they got some of the most talented artist out and the great thing about here is that you can do a piece leave for 10 years, come back and it won`t get crossed, not even nicked, thats how much respect level is, theres maddd faded work here, i do bench a lot of websites from all over this 3rd rock but it seems to me that once something dope is done it is immediately dissed in the states or as dirty sanchez says theres drama even to get permission to do a wall, the beast takin pictures or comin to your place of biz tryin to front like they`re writers (lol) but is that because they truley can`t differenciate btw street bombers and the masterpiecers or is it that they just don`t want to? next up to the podium.....

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