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mapo wc

my email to tommy lee

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i came across tommy lee's email address recently. im pretty sure its the real thing because i got it from a reliable source (i sound like a journalist), and this is probably just the one he uses for fans. i doubt he keeps it a secret. anyway..just because i dont want him to get flooded with emails from the wierdos on this site i left out his address. anyway, im mostly just posting this for good ideas of other stuff i could send him.

plus, its better than alot of the stuff posted on channel zero..

im not really sure what his answer means but oh well..


From: "Likwid Stal" <likwidstal@hotmail.com>

To: (censored)

Subject: hey tommy..i have a question

Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 01:57:07 -0500



>why do you go around acting like a rapper when at that one motley >crue concert, you and nikki sixx called a black security guy a nigger >and all types of other obscenities, and told the crowd to kick his ass? >and why didnt you discuss it in your book?



WHO CARES!!!!!!!




.........The new CD is finally DONE!!!!...........

Come hear clips from my new CD "Never a Dull Moment"

Enjoy, Take your time and let me know what ya think on the site!!!........






) . (

( v )

| /


One Love

Tommy Lee



This message and its attachments are sent by Tommy mutha %^&$#%^ Lee and may contain information that is confidential and protected by privilege from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, you are prohibited from printing, copying, forwarding or saving them. Please delete the message and attachments without printing, copying, forwarding or saving them, and notify the sender immediately.

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he's a fag anyway , i got alecia silverstones home adress , for real a buddy of mine works for canada customs at the airport and he got it when she came here to film ......

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to bad she plumped the fuck up and is now filming shit movies in canada.:cool:

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i got another email!


From: "Likwid Stal" <likwidstal@hotmail.com>


Subject: another question

Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 03:20:41 -0500


>Mr. Lee,


>I was wondering, whos better - pam, carmen, or heather?






i also asked him when he would act like the middle-aged white man that he is, and if MC Hammer would be on the new album. But he didnt mention those questions in his email.

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mapo, are you trying to be ignorant, or is it just some sort of inherent thing?


why is it that you wont allow people to change and learn from their mistakes? so years ago he made a racist comment, have you never called someone a 'cracker' or 'white boy' or something to that effect? go back and listen to just about every rap album made between 89 and 96, and you'll hear constant references to killing crackers, whitey, devils etc. is that any less racist? any less ignorant?


and just to remind you, although not to defend their use of the word, nikki and tommy were responding to a security guard who was beating up kids, girls, etc. that is why they said the crowd should kick his ass, not because he was black, but because he was abusing them. which doesnt make their usage of the word ok, but there is a huge difference.


lastly, dude, fucking get over it. i have friends, black and white, that were very racist then learned how ignorant it was. when you grow up in certain situations, you are efected by them. when you later see the world as a much larger place, you learn that it was not always the way you thought. why is it that you simply cant let dude live his life? so what if he wants to play himself and think hes a rapper? what does it matter to you? his shit is no worse than fucking fabulous for christ sakes. that dude sucks. plus he looks like a retard.


its shit like this that makes me people get sick of hearing about racism.... this is crying wolf. there are alot more problems in the world than nikki six using a racial slur 10 years ago at a concert.


however, if youd like to continue, we can go toe to toe, white vs. black, quoting artists who made racist comments. trust me on this, i'll serve you and you know it.

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seeking, i understand what youre saying and i agree with pretty much everything you said. im not holding the comment against him, I was just trying to be a dick to him, because i think tommy lee is annoying. if it were nikki sixxs' email address that i found i wouldnt have brought it up, or even emailed him. and hes the main one who was yelling, tommy was just kinda backing up his friend. its just that i really cant stand tommy lee. i havent heard much motley crue stuff or much of tommy lee's stuff since the crue broke up. but what i have heard isnt bad, so its nothing against the music. tommy lee just seems to have this attitude where he thinks hes way too cool for anything or anyone. plus he beat up pamela lee, and let kids swim in his swimming pool without being responsible enough to watch them and one of them died. people like that need something to deflate their ego a little bit, thats all i was hoping to do. just doing it for laughs. then again maybe im just jealous because he has tons of women, money and fame.

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if your just trying to fuck with him for the hell of it. then hey, by all means, be my guest, but in this instance you presented it as trying to make it a racial situation, which is the only reason i replied.


i wont bother to defend him cause i dont care that much. but to hear his side of the story, she hit him far more than he hit her, and having been in a very similar relationship, i know how that shit works. to lable him, or any man more to the point, as a 'woman beater' because after taking endless verbal and physical abuse they finally lashed out once and slapped back is ridiculous. ive sat there while my ex beat me with random household objects, but when i finally got sick of it and pushed her to the ground to stop her from making me bleed further, i was then being 'abusive.'


bottom line man, its the media and its celebrityhood... none of it is true, real, or relivent, even if it is all three. again, not to make it a racial thing, but im sure there are plenty of black musicans, altheletes, lawyers, doctors, etc that are iresponsible, abusive, womanizing, racist pieces of shit.


finally i apologise for the first line of my last post. it was totally uncalled for. im not trying to belittle you or pick arguments with you or anything. for what its worth, and if it matters at all, ive enjoyed all the little arguments ive gotten into with you, because despite the fact were often on different sides of the fence, you dont seem to take a close minded stance about things and it does seem to be a learning experience as opposed to a useless argument (even when thats all it is)...


fuck im hungry.

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