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Guest NATO

man did you ever get the $5 i sent for your magazine? im the one from england who sent a few postal stickers.

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Originally posted by big bruno

where can i get one?


they are really hard to find, and haven't been made since like 1997. The guy doing the zine only printed like 200-500 of each issue.

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Not sure how new this is but apparently this can be found here in my own backyard. Info from a website I found. Would be worth a letter to see if they are still selling.



By R. Seth Friedman


Where can enthusiastic zine publishers go for their clip-art needs? Those Dover books are too square, the thrift stores have been picked over, and any decent clip-art book is gonna be priced way out of reach. Along comes Sean Tejaratchi to the rescue, saving zine publishers around the world from the scourge of empty white space. Sean's zine is a dizzying array of thousands of images jam-packed into 72 cleanly printed pages. It's all arranged with enough personality and style so that it's fresh and vibrant and could be an excellent source for inspiration. I've shown this around to all my friends, and they've all been transfixed by its chaotic but playful array of images. You don't have to be a zine publisher to find Crap Hound useful. Anyone that works in design, be they a pen 'n' ink illustrator or computer designer, will be inspired by this collection. Each issue of his magazine/compendium has at least two themes, but he also includes several complete alphabets for creating computer fonts. His two most recent issues were devoted to his "Sex and Kitchen Gadgets" series, featuring images of sex, images of kitchen gadgets, and images of sex with kitchen gadgets (well almost). It's an absolutely outrageous collection. Page after page of dildos, condom instructions, toasters, butt plugs, egg-beaters, S/M gear, and lots of kitchen appliances that start to look strangely erotic. Unfortunately because of the salacious nature of this particular volume, an age statement is required. Whether you're a zine publisher, rubber stamper, mail artist, or graphic designer, you're sure to find this one well worth it. Send him your clip art for future editions and you may get a trade in return. I hereby nominate Sean Tejaratchi for sainthood.


Crap Hound

A Picture Book for Discussion and Activity

US$4 per issue

$15 for a subscription (four issues)

Sean Tejaratchi

PO Box 40373

Portland, OR 97240-0373

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