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Originally posted by dai


i've never seen the sense in dressing like that...aren't punks supposed to be against things like wearing glasses with plastic lenses? isn't that trying to fit a trend?


emo and punk are different but please lets not even get into this shit.

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Darkwing's cape is just a variant on the Dracula...







Bart: these uniforms suck!


Marge: WHere do you learn to talk like that?


Homer: Yeah Moe, I've seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked!


M: Homer!


H: Ooop, sorry Moe, I gotta go, my damn weiner kids are litening...


Lisa: We are not weiners!


H: then why are you dressed like that?

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I think in like 93 there was gear that writers rocked and now that i think about it it was dumb as hell. Remember CONART shirts. I know u had one. Designed by MEAR. I had the one with the big bud leaf on the back. How gay was that. I know u rocked GAT designed by AWR.I had a shirt by coax with a bunny with a gun. That shit was hard

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There is this kid Nurse In my Neighborhood. He wears a holloween mask when he bombs and a black cape. He and his boy always out bombin and i see them and its like "o yeah. thats not out of the ordinary. A kid in a black cape, with a mask on, in the freazing cold, with the ill bulg on his back. o yeah. dumdeedlyfreakindee". i mean. come on. i bomb in a pair of jeans i made for fun one night that are mad ill. everyone be askin me where i got em. a backwards black hat, my older timbs or my old nikes (the most fucked up old shoes in the world), and a beater. thast about it. no one says a thing on hot nights eccept "arent u hot"??

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