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yeah, what he said.


i know theres more of us on here, espescially this being a friday night. post all your intoxicated whatevers here.


i passed out on the balcony, and when i woke up, i was in bed with boobies in my face.


i win.

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as soon as i get home all my drunk freinds flock to me like the fat girl at last call...



Chumbelspuzz: so how are yoyu titties

chuckDbronson: good

Chumbelspuzz: good to hear!

Chumbelspuzz: you fudcking fag

Chumbelspuzz: hahaha

Chumbelspuzz: im so funy

chuckDbronson: indeed

Chumbelspuzz: what ouw you do w/o me

chuckDbronson: i dont know dude...i dont know

Chumbelspuzz: yay!

Chumbelspuzz: tomy marry m e

chuckDbronson: nah im gay

Chumbelspuzz: hahah i'll divorce you frist

Chumbelspuzz: you fag

chuckDbronson: you have some serious issues with homosexuality buddy

chuckDbronson: ahaha

Chumbelspuzz: you have some issues with seating my fucking fag dick

chuckDbronson: indeed i do'

Chumbelspuzz: yeah you do

Chumbelspuzz: yo you totally sweat caitinl too

chuckDbronson: haha nah bro shes got a dude

Chumbelspuzz: you still sweat her

Chumbelspuzz: its ok, join the lcblu

chuckDbronson: haha i would if she didnt havbe a dude but thats not going to happen so whats the pooint in mackin it

Chumbelspuzz: so you admit it atelast

Chumbelspuzz: wooohoo, sweatin chicks w/ boyrfrinds club

chuckDbronson: haha sure

Chumbelspuzz: ok, so once she dubmpst taht dude, its gonna be wacky fight comperteint between mea nd you fag

chuckDbronson: hahah nah its ok,....if you want it go for it

Chumbelspuzz: dont be a fag

Chumbelspuzz: and pretend you dont give af uck

Chumbelspuzz: just cause im dumb enoguth ot hit on her w/ a boyfriend anme drujnk ans shit

Chumbelspuzz: and if you go be liek "yo caintlin, sawyers a big dumb drunkaf fag, listne to ahwta he said hwen he was druinK"

Chumbelspuzz: i'll fucking kilyholu

chuckDbronson: hahahaha

Chumbelspuzz: i will yfouf gag

chuckDbronson: i was thiunking about it but thats too fucked up

Chumbelspuzz: yeah it is you fafag

chuckDbronson: hahaa chill

Chumbelspuzz: i lve you

chuckDbronson: i love you too mom

Chumbelspuzz: eah tmy pusys



i love my freinds

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob

Yet I, on the other hand, have just smoked the marijuana.



boy, you dont even know the half of it...

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