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offensive jokes..


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One day a mans walking on the beach, when he stumbles upon a lamp. He begins to pick it up when out of nowhere a genie appears. "But I'm no ordinary genie", as he tells the man. "instead of one head i have two, and instead of you telling me your wishes I can read your mind to grant them".


The man still astonished by the incident, closes his eyes and thinks. "pooooooooooffffff" Like that he ends up in a large mansion. Again he does the same and the mansion is filled to the brim with money, from floor to ceiling. one last time he thinks, and the most beautiful woman he could image appears right before his eyes.


The genie still near the man, "what is your last wish". You mean to tell me i still have one wish left says the man. Yes so again the man closes his eyes......................................................


........ A flash of fury comes over the genies eyes as he begins to grab the man and beat him. The genie then grabs a rope and hangs the mans body from a tree.


Perplexed one head turns to the other and ask, "Why would any one want to be hung like a nigger".......

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•What does pink floyd and Dayle Earnhart have in common?


They're last hit was the wall.



•Why do people prefer muslim blow up dolls?


Because they blow themselves up.



•Why do women have legs?


So they don't leave snail trails.



•What's brown and sits in the attic?


The diarrhea of Anne Frank.



•Why do the blacks hate going on cruises?


They're not falling for that one again.

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The irony: http://youtu.be/8ImQoZQw9E0


Was just reading bout this.


NEED PIX!!!1!!



























































































to cum























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Three kids were up late in their tree-house chatting.


The first kid says, "Last night, Daddy made me touch his snake!"


The second kid says, "That's nothing, last night, Daddy made me kiss his snake!"


The last kid sighs and says, "I wish my dad was a reptile enthusiast. He just fucks me in the arse."







My daughter just walked into the living room & said "Dad cancel my allowance, rent my room out, throw all my clothes away, take my tv, stereo & phone, & sell my car. Take my key, kick me out & cut me out of your will"Well, she didn't quite put it like that. She actually said "Dad this is my new boyfriend, Mohammed."



U.S Private Bradley Manning, in jail

over giving away defence secrets,

has said he was "considering

becoming a woman".

Why not? You're already a gossiping


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