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offensive jokes..


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someone sent me this yesterday..


a plane is flying over america when the pilot says " i have good and bad news. the bad news is that we're going to crash, the good news is that if we get rid of some passengers we might be able to land." so he says " we'll go alphabetically, we'll start with A..

are there any African Americans on board?"

no one answers

"are there any Blacks on board?"

again no one answers

" are there any Colored people?"

still no answer.

a little black boy looks at his dad and says

"dad, aren't we all 3, African American, Black, and Colored?"

the father says

"No, son, today we're niggers, let the mexicans go first."

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What is the difference between jelly and jam?


You can't jelly your wiener into someone's asshole. nohomo


A pedophile lures a boy into the woods. As the night progresses the pedo turns on a flashlight but it goes out. The young boy turns to the pedophile and says "I'm getting scared" and the pedophile replies, "At least you don't have to walk out of here alone."

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what happens when you cut a baby in half?


you get a boner.




what happens when you see a dead baby in a microwave?



nothing, keep masturbating.

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I love dead baby jokes.


Told a few at the baby and childrens expo a few weekends ago.


* How do you stop a baby from choking?

Take your dick out of its mouth.


* What's the difference between a dead baby and my girlfriend?

I don't kiss my girlfriend after sex.


* What's the difference between a dead baby and a golden delicious apple?

You don't have to bleed the golden delicious apple before you take a bite out of it


Boom boom tish.

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