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Free Masons Explinations?

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Well, well...what do we have here?..


The Masons are a "secret" society. They have rules and laws governing their bodies. Not anyone can become a Mason.You need to be nominated, and or have close ties to them, in order to qualify. There are 33 Degrees. And each degree comes with a lesson, and rituals conducted.You learn more and more within each degree and there are secrets within each degree. It is an ancient fraternity or a brotherhood, going back thousands of years. There are many highly connected individuals within The Order. There is an obligation to the order foremost above any other laws or rules.In other words, the Brotherhood is your governing dedication. Einstein was a Mason.

A large majority of major corporations have Masonic symbols as their logos....Shell, Exxon....and also have people within these companies that are Mason's.

33RD degree Masons are the Governing body of the Order. Scotish Rite Freemasonry is the European version, and York Rite Freemasonry is the US body.


........The symbol on the Dollar bill ties into the Federal Reserve. The current design came about in the '30's and it is the ALL SEEING EYE.

If you look really close with a magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the bill..the side with Washington's face on it (who was also a Mason) right next to the top 1, at the edge of the crest surrounding the 1, you will see an OWL head..which is a symbol of a creature who can penetrate the darkness..one who hath vision in the night...one who sees all. This is symbolism...

The "G" coommonly seen representig Masons is for geometria.....the governing force of all existance.




Mr. Cleansheets.....ILLUMINATES.

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david icke


So who here's heard of David Icke? I've never read his books, but while a friend of mine was smoking lots of twack he'd go off for hours about dracos and mollocks and all of that....

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the governemt closed his site down. cunts



my english teach use to be on that site they closed. just as crazy as icke but i belive them both.

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