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Guest freddy kreuger

what can be said bob?...being broke and switching price tags leaves an ol' chap with limited options...the berry pink spurt seems to have gotten doccumented better by others than your's truly...scheme is rather henious though, it's true...the spa blue aubse of the past spring was much more subtle...

if you're bleeding that bad though i'll ask miss arsen if you can borrow one of his tampons....



[This message has been edited by freddy kreuger (edited 08-01-2001).]

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ich was on the both of those freights... and pure was on the first as well. your flicks of those were better than mine almost!-arsn...where were these caught?

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Originally posted by BoB Hope ONER:

aves ..serial killing the color scheme till we all puke pure bile.. and blood pours from every orfice.



come on aves.. stretch a bit farther..


heh heh


geez, that was harsh bob. did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?

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