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St George Floyd - 3 years sober today

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As the Author of the Team Alpo (formerly Team Alco) thread on here, and with addiction having crippled or taken the lives of many, please give a round of applause for St George Floyd, the greatest black man to have ever lived, the Man who has the main street of the Perth CBD named in his honor I used to look out over from my 19th floor window as a corporate slave, who is now 3 years sober as of today.



His sacrifice will be forever remembered by the community for the insane looting and his family never needing to work again in the wake of his sacrifice, he truly was the Jesus of this generation since I am denied such a position due to still living and breathing.


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My favourite video to have be born from George's sacrifice


May his memory live on in the form of the $6M mansion BLM grifters bought from scamming the public of the "Free world leader" that is the USA.



And if the Santa/Satan/Jesus born on Christmas meme isn't apparent to those reading this thread, I hope you see that these demons were running wild after George suffered through an experience I went through as a 12 year old prior to John Wicking the guy whose shin was on my neck with a lead pencil prior to snapping it off in his leg after I warned him 3 times to get the fuck off me.



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5 hours ago, fat ralphy said:

So wait - Mauler is sober or St. George Floyd?

I am sober and the drug test I will have to take the week after next will confirm as such.


As for George, he is sober as a result of being in his gold coffin for 3 years and this thread was my covert way of shouting out Sven Stoffells for his streams as they are the funniest (completely the opposite of politically correct) thing to do with art on the internet besides this place. 





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5 hours ago, Dark_Knight said:

Mauler you are consistently insane and I love you for that.

Well the love is reciprocated to those who can sense the sarcasm underlying the truth I try my best to convey of how warped this domain we exist within has become.


The best part is that over the years of making what was once in excess of 10k posts on here, you really can get an insight into how one can seemingly appear to have gone insane, yet strangely I am the least insane of all the people I encounter whom like to attempt to appear "blue pilled" whilst they subversively try to act red pilled as they attempt to try steal the happiness I have in regards to who I am.


I had a conversation yesterday which confirmed this with an acquaintance I hadn't seen for a couple of years. One only need to watch the above video to see the proof of how people with an actual sense of respect and moral decency towards others like Ralphy and myself seem to have, are seemingly an endangered species at this point given how quick the scum that inhabit this place would ruin the existence of other people and businesses with their selfish actions all whilst they use whatever excuses they can find, (in this case Police overstepping their authority on a known to be violent person) to justify their actions.


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