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how would i go about breaking someones jaw?

Santa Claus

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Guest blood as ink
Originally posted by Iris

run over their face with your car.















i'd go for a tonka truck...think of the explanation...ughh yeah i broke my jaw...(someone else) oh how? (them)...ughh a tonka truck hit me.


eh i think i need sleep...this makes no sense.

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k....here are the plans....


mix up a whole bunch of cement....

dip your hands and feet ( head too for fun) into it...

keep layering the cement...so dip acouple times

then punch the guy in the back of the head with your cement fists

he will hit is face on a wall, or the ground and break his jaw

then procede to kick him with your cement feet.


this should acomplish your goal, our goal




Iris: 'I shake my genitals in your general direction" Montey python



:D no beefski um fer sher duh!

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Re: fuck breaking the jaw...



this shit is gruesome....damn....machetes are evil, my friend has a pretty nice one....


i wouldnt know about breaking jaws though...im more of a pacifist...if i fight though, expect me to use anything around me for defense...lead pipes, pieces of metal, ect.....


i think the correct quote from monty python's holy grail is 'i spit in your gerneral direction'....i dont know about shaking genitals....funny none the less...

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Guest L.RonHubbard

id say be careful punching kids in hard places like a jaw or a forehead unless you already know how to fight because i recently broke my hand 2 times in 2 montsh doing just that. Try headbutts to the nose, they wont expect it and your head is rock solid too and guaranteed to fuck shit up if you hit em with your forehead.

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  • 15 years later...
so a nice jab while someones talking maybe?

when i was 17 i broke a guys jaw in 2 places with one pretty nasty right cross (mind you im a trained boxer and was training back then too). i cant remember the fight too clearly because it happened so quick but all i remember was seeing the guys jaw open just a little bit and i cracked him. end of story. one assault charge later and i was back at the gym heavy to train that shot.

my point - jaws are not tough to break.

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I'd like to remind anyone suggesting that the OP use weapons that you're suggesting to him/her to do something that will very potentially end up in an attempted murder charge. A felony will ruin anyone's life.... not to mention a lot of people that think they're bad ass are actually delicate little flowers and probably not that hard to fuck up anyway.

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