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Twenty Twenty Three


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4 hours ago, Mercer said:




I kinda fucked that up bc I now see it was originally posted in 2017.


With that disclosed, I bet a lot of these new jack bros still be standing around naked together in 2023.

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3 hours ago, Mercer said:

You're not secure enough in your hetero (gay) if you're too scared to get naked and make out with the homies.

As someone who lived with a gay who tried to convince the world He was straight, yet also saw many of these other drug addicted drug dealing Grindr users drop in to the place I was staying so they could not only cheat on their female spouses with the crossdresser I stayed with, but they would also get up to similar shenanigans whilst then going back out into the world in their V8s and acting like macho drug dealing thugs.


For Me it was pure comedy to see how duplicitous the lives of these idiots truly are, and knowing that Google has their metadata and locational information along with all the messages of what is said that leads up to such soulless sexual encounters is why I know God is laughing along with Me.

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